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Is this Possible? [back pain]

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Chipsncheesef, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. Most of the time when I smoke my back hurts. I injured my back playing football, and it's healing even though I played through the season, but is it possible that marijuana causes the muscles to relax or something and makes my back hurt even more?
  2. Hmm. Usually when I'm sore and smoke it seems to dull it a little. But I suppose anything's possible.
  3. Unlikely. If anything it should help. Although I'm no medical professional.
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    Yeah marijuana is supposed to help pain, but actually it can increase pain if you get blasted. Try smokeing less because thats what happens to me. I also read an article awhile back stating that marijuana in large doses does in fact increase pain. I can find that article if you want, but im not saying marijuana causes you pain or anything but its just for some people it can really increase pain if they smoke a considerably good amount. But I also thought maybe a lot of it could be in your head. Maybe, it makes you think more about the pain therefore it increases?
  5. It could also be possible that, the marijuana causes you to relax a little bit more and perhaps the way you sit in your seat or something makes it hurt, like you know? As you relax you may slouch slightly or something and it just puts it in a more painful position? I'm not sure..
    CSYZERO: I would like to see that article because I am a little skeptical, I believe you that it's there I would just like to read it and review the sources.
  6. This. I agree with what he said completely.

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