is this posible?

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  1. Hey guys, I'm growing bubba kush and I have 1 1000k watt light and 4 plants.

    with 4 weeks of vegetation would i be able to achieve 1 pound of dried yield?
  2. is that all you have ? no tents no co2 whats your temps like ? hydro or soil ? nutes you using ? HPS or MH ? gotta give us more than that man... pics are even better...
  3. What Tyrell said. Oh yeah, any training?
  4. Try about 12 weeks veg,and lots of topping,or training to add more tops.Then you might make 1 lb.

    Get as close to 20 tops per plant if possible.
  5. Of course you can get a pound from 4 plants depending on your experience. While there are many variables, I average anywhere from 4 to 10, even 12 ounces per plant in my organic garden.

    Large pots help considerably.


  6. It's his first post J.may wanna take that into consideration =)...Although I guess he did ask if it was possible...

    Your results are remarkable.IMO...

    How long are you vegging,and what kind of training?
  7. My god.. when will people quit coming on here to ask "will it harvest this much?" "How much will i get?"'ll get 17lbs out of it.

  8. Good morning X.

    I run a "perpetual" garden, meaning that I keep 6 plants under 2,000 watts of HPS with all plant harvest times offset. The same day that I harvest one, a vegging plant that has been in a 15 gallon pot from anywhere from 4 to perhaps 6 weeks gets put into the flowering room to take its place. I always keep an assortment of plants from clone to big vegging girls ready to flower so that I'm never waiting to replace a harvested girl.

    I have a low (12" high) table that is around 8' by 8' in the flower room covered with a single piece of bright white rubber roofing material. The table has 3 sides (2X4's) on it and is slightly sloped, so all drainage ends up in a low black plastic concrete mixing tub that is 3/4 of the way under the table, saving space.

    Due to height limitations I do a lot of plant training - constantly tying my branches down to keep a roughly uniform canopy height. Tying them down as much as possible gives me low but wide plants, very effectively opening the middle of the plants and letting light into everywhere it needs to get.

    I do veg longer than some, but I really like putting big healthy plants with fat, strong branches into flower vs putting little plants in. Since Maine only allows me six plants in my medical garden I like having six large plants, which easily fill the whole room up. I almost think if like to have only 4 under the 2,000 watts instead - six gets pretty crowded!

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    probably, providing there are no major cock ups. but, if you veg for about 8 weeks you will double your harvest. because you only have a few plants and such a huge lamp your better off letting them get very big before flowering

    if you had 4x 250w lamps and 36 plants, it would be the opposite, you would need to veg for a shorter time

    basically, bigger plants give bigger yields but take longer before you can get your next crop going. for just 4 plants and a 1000watt lamp i would veg for longer than 4 weeks

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