is this PM?

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  1. i have never had mold or pm but my humidity has been kind of high the last couple weeks I am about 2 weeks from harvest and noticed a few white specks after closer inspection they are little fuzzballs not on the buds but on a few leaves i looked pretty close with my scope and only spotted a few should I be worried or take any measures I already increased airflow and lowered the humidity I hate to spray anything on my plants at this stage they are so so sticky and stinky I need advice Please the first picture in the center is the spot IMG_20221210_140157120 (1).jpg IMG_20221210_140148967.jpg
  2. I don't think it's pm, but if you think it's PM maybe get some lost coast plant therapy, works for me
  3. I fight pm all year
  4. they are spores of some type when i look with my loupe but few and far between and harvest is soon i may just wash the buds at harvest with the 3 bucket method it makes the smoke smoother anyway
  5. Are you talking about the little whitish speckles around the leaves of the buds? That's just trichomes spreading off the buds. I don't see any PM?

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    Oh you're talking about that white spot? My bad, looks more like a burn spot or a bug bite maybe? Definitely don't look like PM or any mold I've ever seen.
  7. its not bugs i check my plants all the time but under my scope those white specks look like fuzzy spores almost like cotton
  8. Not bugs not mold . No worries . Your running a fan 24/7 ? No chances of molds
  9. try 8 fans lol i dont play with circulation and i just realized i was gifted some fuzzy white slippers and after inspecting them it was fuzz from them i wore them when i watered last week
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  10. I dont get many pests but some flying pest , I run 3 fans in my tent all 3 kinda blow around the plants in a vortex kinda way , I like to believe that if the bugs can't fly past the vortex then they can't land on my girls lol and believe it or not I'll watch a nat or 2 bouncing off the wind like a wall trying to get to the girls cause I'm big on no spray also.

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  11. spider mites can climb up the side and or live through a vortex lol i spray in veg only and only organic pest spray with oils and only the base because i had mites on my first grow and never want them again
  12. Well i sold my legal dispos Im all 100 percent finished . I got out just at the correct time. But in our grow warehouses we had a shower room and coveralls hair nets gloves masks flip flop shoes. Then the tender must shower before leaving Throw all worn clothing in a bin to be washed . Shower and washing everting stopped theft . Its a bit over kill for a personal grow lol. But you may want to get yourself some flip flops shoes to put on before entering your grow area . Never wear them out of your room or tents . I suggest some coveralls as well . No need to wash them over and over just throw them in the dryer the hot air kills all the bugs . Totally up to you .
    Chuckles fuzzy slippers. WOW i would of lost my shit if i seen that in my grow room ! My coffee would of indeed been throw for sure lol . I had a worker have perfume on once after the shower ! Auto fired and held there last two weeks checks tnc violation .
  13. i usually try my best and never wear outside shoes in there but i have 4 cats and a dog so i usually go in there in my underwear only BTW the cherry pies are fattening up ang green as can be day 42 flower today
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  14. the 2 pounds is looking about right IMG_20221212_152614391.jpg
  15. 6 cats a a dog, it's hard,I get it brother

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