Is this plant showing signs of herming?!?

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  1. Been keeping a eye on this plant and seen what looks like extra genitals on the plant but I’m not sure can ya help me out IMG_1144.JPG IMG_1145.JPG IMG_1143.JPG most of the pistils show female activity
  2. If it is balls your lookin n the right spot. I’ve noticed hermies will drop balls right next to a pistil easy to miss.
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  3. There was one but I think I knocked it out while trippin out on it if I took clones before the plant started to herm would those plants
  4. Be herms as well I got light leaks two days in a row because my old lady turned the light on not knowing

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  5. walkin a thin line man I’d pull it if u start to notice more sacks
  6. It was a single ball and its the only one in the tent so im gonna wait it out . say if this plant were to be a herm and i took clones when it was showing only female genitals would they be good to use or should i toss em
  7. im thinking if it were genetically hermaphoradite it would be more than half seeds and half bud formation but if theres a seed here or there it would be because of light leak during sleep or a stress factor but im no scientist
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    It's a gamble. Anything that herms out is predestined...
    But light on at night will be 1 factor in creating herms.
    But you said you cut clones before it Hermed right?
    Golly that's a good question .
    Could the stress of cutting the clone be enuff to send that piece to herm mode?
    If the plant hermed due to light stress it could easily be prone to other stresses like cutting a piece of its body away.
    Any other thoughts?
  9. I could see bag seed goin hermie close to flower. I got a plant hanging right now that hermied rode it out only kept the top of the plant lookin at 1.5 ounces instead of 3-4
  10. Not sure if the cloning did it its the second week of flower froom bagseed im thinking like the sack it came from it had a couple seeds and thats how i got my hands on it im going to pull any balls or male activity and keep it too see how it does
  11. the clones are doing good so im not sure at the same time if its a herm clone it isnt worth my time or soil
  12. For how long of a wait to find out and all the work involved and the "risk".
    I say start over buddy not worth it. A seed is 10$ you know
  13. I have a female outdoors she’s healthy and took a while to show pistils I’ll just clone her
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  14. Plus there’s no risk until I do find out
  15. I'm only suggesting from experience I have learned the key to success in this game is being able to calculate expectations and plant accordingly.
    Your on the right track ..
    Clones will achieve goal 1
    That is consistency. Meaning every plant will be the same height and eat the same amount and produce the same amount..
    That gives you the ability to do math.. just make sure your mother plant is the best donor possible .
    Some say.. 1 out of 100 is suitable to be a mom. You really gotta pick her good.
    I don't search for my kids future mom in the trailer park you know what I'm saying bud.
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  16. Couldn’t have said it any better my dude
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