Is this plant ready?

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  2. Looks real good, chop chop. :D
  3. At first I thought I was looking at pictures of the moon phase.
  4. Yea, I'd say go ahead and chop.  Then send me some. :ey:
  5. And now for the really hard bit. Waiting for it to dry/cure...
    Ritte.. I thought he was giving us a reference as to when he wants to harvest based on the moon phase.. lls.. at least I wasnt alone
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    Hello Everyone, I am having trouble deciding if my plants are ready or not. The buds are really small and i font know if that is due to the plant not being ready to harvest or because the light set-up i have is pretty weak. Now I'm pretty color blind so its kind of hard for me to tell if the trichomes are ready or not with the microscope i have looks to be maybe 10% amber trichomes or maybe less. I feel like it has been more than 6 weeks into flowering on a 12/12 cycle. all ph'ed water and a little beastie bloomz for a couple weeks. regular soil grow. take a look please any feed back will be helpful. i thank you all in advance for your help. The Micro pics are of the trichomes at the very top bud.

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