Is this plant ready to start flowering?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by zombiesnweed, Nov 20, 2011.

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    It's my first time growing. I was using cfls but I changed to hps. Vegging for about 6 weeks. Should I start flowering?
  2. From last night

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  3. Looks like a sativa dominant strain. sativas take longer to flower. your plant will have lots of time to stretch. so if your grow space is limited in height, you might want to switch to 12/12 now as she will get much bigger.
  4. i have about 6 feet of height to work with. does vegging longer yield more or affect quality? if so ill keep vegging because im in no rush and i have a large space to grow in
  5. You can expect you plant to get anywhere from 33-50 percent larger, and the bigger you let your plant get the bigger the yield, but keep in mind your light depending on the watts will only allow your plant to get so big
  6. I'd let it get to round 18 inches
  7. i started flowering when my plant was 10 inches ten days ago its now 20 inches and is cutting sick i dont think its gonna grow much more cause she is flowering up nicely but im still raising the light every day. so yeah after 12 12 expect some big growth from her if its a her.
  8. 6 weeks is plenty of time to can veg for however long you want or however short you want. Just remember your plant will grow 2-4x larger in flowering.
  9. Ok well I changed the lights to 12/12. We'll see how it goes
  10. Hey man just noticed in one of your pics where the leaves are curling upwards looks like a Mag. Def. might wanna look into it.
  11. started flowering mine at 13 inches(tuesday) now its 18 inches(sunday
  12. You should read about LST immediately.
    Bend it over. attach it to the pot.
    When they are this young, it will bend over very easily.
    A half dozen colas will pop up and you will be a happy camper.

  13. idk what i mag is lol
  14. Starting lst?

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  15. smh.. :confused_2: Magnesium deficiency bro.

    No... Try reading the guides
  16. ok BRO my plant doesnt have mag def. it was one leaf that sprouted a while ago ands been liek that. no other leaves are doing that. and sorry that i didnt understand the guide i red. i thought i did pretty much what it told me to do, just they told me to use a hanger

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