Is this Plant Ready to Harvest ?

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  2. it looks pretty far along but it really depends on what strain it is. To me it looks like the hairs are still pretty white and the bud could probibly swell up more. I'd say a week at least
  3.  Yeah it looking pretty good ! Its half indica and half satiba (Sugar Mango Ryder) . Well for the last past two weeks or so it have been growing new white hairs and I just thought it was just  re-flowering  or something . So, I just didnt really worry about it . 
    Thats what I was thinking about , just leaving it for like a week or so . 
    And the other thing is that the leafs are drying out and dying -__- . 
  4.  haha i wish i have an iphone lol 
    I will keep an eye my leafs 
    Thanks for the info !! 
  5. I say you should give it at least another week. The leaves are suppose to yellow off and die, that's how you know it's about ready. Think of the effect Autumn has on trees. Make sure you stop feeding her nutes and give her a nice flush. You should be set real soon.
  6. i still see white hair! not done yet
  7. Always loved the "trichome theory" only cause solid trichs start at around 4 weeks. Go by pistils, thats the true telling sign of a done plant. You have about 3 weeks left on her.
  8. Yeah , thats what i have been told a lot . 
    well, i see her leafs slowly dying and turning yellow . Thanks Bro !! :D 
    I dont feed my plants nutes . I just give her tap water . 
  9. Glad to hear im not the only person who uses water only. I never understood the concept of putting something you would never drink in your plants soil.
  10. I'll bet your soil mix has a lot of things in it you wouldn't eat or drink. LOL
  11. lol yeah i just didn't understand if it  helped the plant grow faster or its just some random shit they tell you yo buy . 
    But i did bought bat guano and use it for the first couple weeks but i didn't see any differences so i just stop giving it to my plant and went all water . :D 
    Team Water !!!! 
  12. Water is so undervalued as a plant nutrient.
  13. Water as a nutrient ? Everybody's water is different but even the richest well water doesn't offer much as a plant nutrient. It's your soil mix that has the nutrients. The nutrients that are water soluble of course dissolve ( a small amount) with each watering makeing them available to the plants roots.
    If you can get by without useing any nutes for an entire grow (16 weeks or so) then you have a very good soil mix. But I think I know what you mean and you are right. A lot of people use a good soil mix and therefore don't really need to fertilize but they still do, never realizing that they don't need to. All they really need is water !
    On the other hand ; if you never fertilize how do you know your weed could't be heavier and or better ?
    I know I have a good soil mix that will get thru the whole grow but when I started fertilizing during the flowering period my yield increased by 25 -30%. I'm just saying, how do you know?
  14. FERTILIZE  it's not random shit. Well some of it really is shit but its not random, although a lot of people use it randomly. A good fertilizer is well worth it, but be careful, it is easy to over fertilize. Never use more than the recomended amount and useing less than the recomended amount is recomended by most in the know. To make it real easy try a general purpose fertilizer.
    How do you know you didnt see any differences ? You don't know what the plant would have looked like without it. LOL
  15. I would say about 3 more weeks.

  16. well yeah its random but you get what i was trying to say . 
    When i do use fertilizer i use like just about enough to cover up the soil (a thin layer ) 
    Hmm i never heard of a general purpose fertilizer , but the one i use is  bat guano i believe the mexican mix XD 
    Well not really but next time i will get two of the same plant and do a test with them and see if the fert really helps the plant increased its yield .
    I use Farm fox as soil and i heard it was good by itself . No need for fert so that why i stopped using fert. 

    Fert= Fertilizer  JUst saying 
  17. You believe so ?? 
     Whats your fact on when to cut or not ?? 
    the reason why i ask . its because people have different  opinions or POV , to determine to harvest or not  .
  18. watch buds, if theyre still beefing up dont chop
  19. Thanks bro :D 
    I will keep a eye on it .

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