Is this plant ready to harvest?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by RodriguesIV, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. This is my first grow and I have a pineapple express plant in the corner from seed and it's now 7.5 weeks old. I started seeing a few amber trichomes, is it ready?

    Any ideas what it might yield?

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  2. idk dude me personaly would give it one more week
  3. Does it look in the ballpark of a week? I was thinking it had several more weeks but it stopped taking up as much water as the other plants and it might be happening sooner than I thought.


  4. It's not ready til the calyx eat the pistils. No more white hairs. As to when after that?, be sure there are no "clear trichs". Imo clear trichs cause anxiety and paranoia.:wave: good luck reps for a job well done.:smoking::smoking:
  5. It dosent even look close to harvest most plants take about 90 to 100 days of flowering. Before urneven close to harvest.
  6. Look beautiful! Like others have said, I would wait a week or 2. The white hairs should almost all be orange when you take her. In my opinion the more amber the better!
  7. Do the calyx eat the pistils before trichomes go amber? I've heard you can't go off pistil color but if it happens at the same time it would be a good visual indicator.


  8. It will be going on at the same time. Some will have amber when they are no longer white, some need to wait a bit more. Watch the trichs but the pistils are the best indicator of what's going on with the plant.
    Sometimes they look nearly done and the pistils start up again, she is herming if she does this. You will be clear they are declining then suddenly you will see the bud stretch and foxtail and shoot up a bunch of new white pistils. That is an indicator of nanners and you need to look. If you see nanners take her down right away. If you think you see nanners post a pic and ask but you probably will be fine. This is simply the time it is important to watch for those things.
    Then there is the matter for what is the best % of amber for the best high for the strain and what you are wanting it to do for you.
    My advice always though is to not harvest Any clear trichs if you can help it. If she is herming take her the moment you notice no matter the trich colors.
    Good luck
  9. Nope. Wait until the hairs recede and the trichs get mostly cloudy. You're a little ways off still. Excellent job so far, though.
  10. first off brother it looks impressive and I hope you get alot of enjoyment out of it,, you can see that fat cola in the picture still has like 80% white hair ratio to amber,, when you can see more than half of them hairs orange you know your close to harvest.N1
  11. looks like it need about 2-3 weeks man... pineapple express always looks bad when i see it on here. ill stay away from barneys farm
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    I'd wait another 2 weeks, It's normal that the water intake slows down towards the end. Soon! but not now! :)

    The yellowing leaves will be normal at this point also. You will get more and more yellowing as the flowers get ready for "winter" and suck up all the remaining nitrogen in the leaves.

    Looks very nice btw! :smoking:

  13. Except the hundreds of strains that take anywhere from 49-63 days
  14. Yeha, u can tell just by looking at the pictures that the plant is just now foxtailing thats the sign that its gonna put out the last amount of weight and that it probably needs another 3-4 weeks before u cut her down u will notice the plant look a bit darker and amber by just looking at her and it will look like her rippeness has deminished" trics are important to look at them but the overal look of the plant should give a good indication of when to harvest.

  15. U sir have probably never grown a non auto seed i can tell by ur responce. :rolleyes:
  16. Most plants take 90-100 days to flower? Idk what kind of plants your growing but most plants flower in 55-75 days.
  17. Hahhaaha

    So you're saying hundreds..thousands of growers have it all wrong? Do some research online . I cant count how many " non auto" strains that finish way less than 90-100 days. For example I am growing space queen right now...the estimated finish is 8 weeks. If I listened to your advice..the finished product would be garbage. But by all means, keep believe it takes that long
  18. Foxtail?
  19. I have a bunch of different strains and it's pretty cool to watch the cola's stretch and reach for the light. Here are some pics of the other strains. The strawberry cough strains have yet to harden up it seems and I just turned the heat down from 86 to 80 in order to stop a bit of heat stress at the tips.

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