Is this plant ready to harvest? (pics of buds and trichomes)

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  1. the plants are about 7-8 weeks flowering, and for the last few days I didn't notice any significant growth. The trichomes look milky to me. It's harvest time?

    Suggestion: see the pictures at 100% size if your browser automatically resizes them,

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  2. shottttttttttttttttt that is a dank asss fuckign plant i wish i could grow that omg.
  3. Nice plant you got there, ive read many places that once 60-80% of the white hairs turn brown its ready to harvest, so they look pretty ready to me, but dont cut them down yet if you leave the plants in total darkness for the last two days of its life it will think its dying and use up all its energy and produce more potency,or so i have read and been told!? good luck with it!
  4. Wow! Nice looking plant.

    I'd say that's almost, but not quite ready to harvest. Once the trichomes start having a slight amber tint, pull them. Another week or two, and you're good.
  5. your plant whoops my plants ass. hard core. the big "hairs" wont tell maturity. You have to look at the little "crystals" when harvest is ready, they will turn orangeish. you have to do some mad zooming tho. i say in they next few days it will be ready to yield. just my opinion.

    Now that I look again. It looks like about 25% to 30% have started to turn. 60 to 80% is supposed to be the magic number
  6. Depends what kind of high you want and what strain it is. Harvest now it will be more up. Harvest at 60-70% and it will be more stoney. How long have you been flushing for? You could always just wait till thats done too for a better taste.
  7. thanks guys. Do you believe that:
    - this is bag seed
    - all CFL
    - I had no ph meter
    - almost random soil mixture (some fertilized soil + work castings and that´s it)

    I had 5 plants, one was male and I shopped it off, two females I gave to a friend, already with NICE pre-flowers, because I had no space for the giant size they become in my grow room. :)
  8. It is ready when the trichomes are to YOUR liking. Noone else can tell you when that is.
  9. amen brother!

    you CANNOT tell the maturity of a plant by sight alone - you need to examine the trichomes - pistil hairs will give you an indication but you need a hand held microscope for accuracy - cheap as chips on ebay

    nice bud though considering how they were grown!
  10. they look a little clear kinna wait some more..... most of mine are like that to..
  11. I'd say atleast a week more. Maybe two. Looks super tasty!!
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    is this plant ready to be harvested? I'm getting kind of worried I looked at the trichs with a jewelers loupe and allll the trichomes are clear-milky...NO amber trichs i can see--this is my eleventh week of flowering! i think by next week I want to give her the chop because I prefer a more cerebral high than a couch lock anyway...





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  13. Just for future reference to people visiting this topic, no the plant which is quoted is not ready for harvest, way too much of the hairs are still white. Harvest when the hairs are 10% white or less, but don't wait till all the hairs are orange because that means the plants already degrading.

  14. False. The plant is mature when it's mature.

    Google, "zues harvesting" and you'll see that your plant needs a few more weeks.

  15. Mrgoodsmoke, the info you give us on GC is great but cantharis is correct in his statement.
  16. this is a main cola on my Barney's LSD i think it got another week at lease not rushing it for sure better to wait when in doubt hold out !

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  17. I'm going with Mrgoodsmoke on this one.. No need to google as here is the link.. Just read through this thread and you'll definitely get the help you need.. I think its at page 11 or 12 trichs really come into play, but knowing cfls add 3-4 weeks onto harvest I honestly don't think you've even doubled yet.. :confused_2:

    Let those pistils retract a little bit more and in a few weeks you'll see quite a difference..:wave:
  18. ready for harvest ?
    I see the tops have new white hair growth but the previous coloured pistils are shrinking. Trichs are more over all cloudy and >5% amber at this point

  19. gnarlison, on 12 Sept 2011 - 10:16 AM, said:
    Me too. The second I see any hint of amber. Whack. I figure peak cloud production has arrived, but that's me.[​IMG]

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