Is this plant male, female or hermi?

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  1. Hi,

    I have two feminized autoflower (royal critical & royal bluematic) and they are two and half weeks old from emerged on surface. They start to show their genre and I'm almost sure one of my plant female, but the other one could turn to male or hermi! I'm not sure, maybe I need to wait a few days.

    Is this became a girl, right?
    DSC_0508.JPG DSC_0509.JPG

    What about this one? Don't say it's a boy....
    DSC_0513.JPG DSC_0515.JPG

  2. Looks a little suspect. But give it a couple more days.
  3. The first one is female. The second one appears to be male but I would let it go a few days to make sure.
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