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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by dan2003, Oct 25, 2003.

  1. hi, this is a picture of my 6 week old white widow plant under 4 flourescent lights with a total of 160w. Does anyone know if this is too small for how long its been growing?

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  2. Another picture

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  3. I am thinking of buying a metal halide or high pressure sodium light, aiming to use them on about 4 plants, can anyone tell me how many watts i will need etc.?
  4. That plant looks pretty healthy and it looks about the right size how tall is that plant actualy?? r u going to top the plant soon??

    oh yeah, i think that you should bury the stem a little bit more.. say an inch or 2.. the stem is looks a lil tall.. u should bury it..

    im not very sure on what what watt u should use because im using fluros.
  5. if that is another plant u should take it out and put in in a diff pot by its self.. they will get their roots tangled and get rootbound in the same pot... especialy one only that size... also if one of ur plants gets killed from something u did.. more than likeley that one will die too.. it helps to have them is sep. pots
  6. ok i have now put more soil in. From the soil it is 23 cm. Topping is when you cut off the top right? What does this do to the plant? I'm going to repot the the small one when I can get some more pots in a couple of days. Thanks
  7. goto

    look up grow faq...

    also there is a beginer grow info thread somewhere in the grow forums....
  8. ok thanks have put plants nice and close to the light and buried the stem. Are HPS ok for veg growth as well? thanks. Also is 250w sufficent for a hps?
  9. all else is good, as for topping I dont suggest it but thats just mypersonal opinion. Takes energy from bud production to make an extra shoot, so instead of one biggen ya get 2 lil ones..not to mention cutting off a piece of any livin thing cant be too great for it..:)

    If your doing it to save space i'd go with tieng it down, strengthens stems and makes more width instead of height on your plant.
  10. ok thanks I'm going to buy the HPS today along with some timers and also some fertiliser. What would you reccomend? Also some of the bottom leaves have some yellowness in them, this is bad right? What can I do to fix it? Heres a pic I took this morning.

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  11. looks healthy but you will needm to pot them lower down......if the pot has the room, then remove the plant, make a deeper hole and then reinsert it, so as the soil, is nearly hitting the cotlydons (the 2 little leaves at the very bottom) and then as shade said, get a fan to blow across them to strengthen the stem.......if it's fluros your using then you should be able, to get them down to approx 2-4" away from the tops of the plants, sholuldn't really get much heat off for the pot that has 2 in it....better to seperate them NOW, the sooner the better before the roots get tangled........a 250HPS is fine for a couple of plants..........Peace out........Sid
  12. hey, u should get a bigger pot to plant the stem in deeper.. that pot dont look that deep and the stem opn that think is pretty long so u should repot it now and bury the stem as far as you can... as for the topping of the plant-- i think you should do it... it mgiht not gget as many buds in the first flowering but in time they will double maybe tripple.. and thats good for the patient grower:)
  13. hi, have now repotted the smaller plants, although unfortunately they are freaking out and wilting, I think this is only due to the shock + the soil might have been a bit cold. I hope this will only be temporary. My new 250w HPS light will be arriving in a couple of days, I will put it over my three bigger plants when the time comes. I have also bought some 'earth juice' fertiliser stuff which should help.

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  14. more pictures of bigger plants

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  15. it would be better to have it lower in the pot, more like between the red lines....there or there abouts........Peace out.........Sid

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  16. ok, have done that but I think I may have ripped a couple of it's roots.. Doesn't matter too much right?

  17. as long it wasn't too many it will be fine.......Peace out......Sid

    remember and make sure the soil isn't too dry after repotting....
  18. soil is ok, just gave them a nice watering. My bigest plant seems to have a major problem emerging- the bottom set of proper leaves are going yellow, and the biggest leaves seem to be drying out at the edges.. Not sure whats wrong. Also, in current state how long do you think it will take before I can put in to flower? From what I have read up on overgrow it appears to be female!
  19. the yellowing in the leaves might be from over ferting them so i would stop for a week or two and if it helps just cut back on the fertilizing.. also you should wait a while before putting them in to flowering.. say maybe a month or 2 by the looks of the maturity int the plant.. are you going to top those plants soon??
  20. Yeah I guess your right about the fert. Have switched to water only now. I am not planning to top them this grow. Just out of interest, if I put them into flower now how long would it take and what sort of yield would you predict? (Its a white widow from nirvana seeds) thanks

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