is this plant done?

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  1. I Got two plants, this is the furthest along. I lost the magnifying lens so i'm not sure if i should chop it down yet. Thanks.

    PS- the close up picture is of a plant that is a week behind this one.

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  2. 4-6 more weeks
  3. Okay it's been almost six months since i've planted them...these are gonna be the huge sativa buds?
  4. be patient... you have a ways to go... you may want to cut back on nutes next week
  5. i havent used nutes in over 3 weeks. and the close up picture is not the plant in the other two pictures
  6. Are the tricomes cloudy to 2/3 amber

    Has the bud lost some of its green?

    Have the hairs turned orange or purple?

    Have the hairs begun to receed?
  7. that plant was stolen. fuck me ... its been raining HEAVY for 2 days and someone snatched that plant what the fuck.
    the large plant was fallen over half way and i had to put a huge stick to hold it up. its still raining like crazy. fuckkkkkk

    edit: the plant had a mark in the bottom of the stem and it looks like it was split in two from the main stem..its not in sight i thought the HEAVY wind took it but its not anywhere around =\ but why would someone leave the huge plant??
  8. and i leave for three hours and my other plant is gone! sick...
    seriously who the fuck would know to sweep in the 3 hour span i was gone? u think that can only narrow it down to my pot smoking neighbors???'
    fuck humans yo u cant trust anyones greedynees

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