Is this plant doing ok?

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  1. alright, so this seed sprouted three days ago, and I want to know if it is looking ok for it's age?
    Help is very much appreciated.

    I am using Shasta Nursery Soil, and a Miracle grow top soil mix.
    my lighting is pretty weak, I am using a fluorescent light hanging from the inside of a suitcase about 5 inches from the soil.

    feedback is appreciated

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  2. Looks ok to me. Maybe your soil should be a bit more dirt like. But it looks ok right now. You're gonna need alot more light and something other than a suitcase to grow that though. Maybe look into a small grow chamber. (indoor grow rooms)
  3. thanks for the help, much appreciated
  4. whats the wattage on the light you have and if it's not a hot bulb like a cfl then you can put it much closer, say 3" to 4" the red plastic (I assume you just have a plastic tote no?)
    try covering that with emergency blankets or white paint/shiny white paper.
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    tonight I decided to put white paper around it, and since the bulb does not generate a lot of heat, I have it about an inch from it here's an update on growth from yesterday
    Day 4

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  6. Ditch the "soil" they are in and put it into some real soil like ProMix or Fox Farms Ocean Forest.
  7. UPDATE!
    Huston we have a problem

    Mushrooms growing?!?!?!!


    what should I do?

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  8. mmm a few eggs,bit of bacon,man you got a fry up.

    or get new soil
  9. get new soil and clean your roots fast before the transplant.
  10. ok, I picked out all of the mushrooms, and turned the dirt.
    in 20 or so minutes I'll change the dirt completely, and stop overwatering, because i think that's my problem, the soil is becoming too moist
  11. Best to give very small amounts of water as you said.And dont buy that soil again.
  12. gotta hate wood chippings for that
  13. Yeah man, too wet. Wood chippings and chunky potting mix like that is meant for cactuses and succulents - it's meant to drain water quickly so the plants stay dry and don't rot. A finer soil will hold water better, that way you don't have to keep watering all the time to keep it damp. Wood + constant moisture = organic material that's the perfect playground for mold, mildew, and fungus. Try another soil that will let the wet/slightly dry cycle that indoor plants need go more slowly, or at least let the potting mix get slightly damp-dry (not too moist, NEVER wet) before watering again. Little baby plants need constant moisture so they don't dry up, but they can't handle too much moisture either. Just slightly damp is what you want. Hopefully your plant's alright - if all you got was some mushrooms and they didn't crowd out your plant, you're ok.

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