Is this plant a male?

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  1. Hi, this is my first grow and I planted a feminized Autoflower AK47 seed in an Aerogarden. The plant is doing well, currently on day 43, but I do not see even a hint of bud on it....can someone take a look at the pictures and tell me if this is actually a male plant?


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  2. Can't see anything. Try taking a closer picture and read up on some of the sexing threads in this forum.
  3. im not quite sure but in your last picture there are possibly pistils showing if thats the case you have a female have a close look for small white hairs sticking out around the top of your plant
  4. I agree, it's female. There are pistols shooting all over the place :smoke:
  5. yea thts a lady, u see the white hairs?
  6. thats a female for sure good luck with your grow
  7. Here are some additional close-up photos...


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  8. You still here?? You should be out buying "It's a Girl" cigars! :p

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