Is this plant a hermie?

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  1. Hey guys, I applied coloidal silver into one of my last plant. At the time, just about first week of this plant flowering, I noted that another plant was showing some bananas (this was cause by poor genetics, it hasnt pass enought time aplying coloidal silver). When I notice this hermie plant i took she out of flowering tent. So, the first plant starts showing bananas (from coloidal silver). Although I had some trouble with a lot of bananas, I get rid of them and i saw that the plant was forming seeds. After harvest, i grrminated this seed and now Im thinking this plant is a hermie .

    Take a look.


    (Magnified pictures are showing pre flowers) 20190818_131114.jpg 20190818_132201.jpg 20190818_132651.jpg 20190818_132736.jpg 20190818_132805.jpg 20190818_132824.jpg

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  2. It could be, looks like that may be a sac start at the node. Clearly it's a female or a hermaphrodite. Need more node pictures, you see that sac anywhere else?
  3. one way of actually finding out let it start to flower for a few more weeks . i see something but it could be a bobo shit happening bug eating something chomping . let it go for another week .
    im very high cant make a decision on this picture at this time
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  4. Hey so here is how she looks now.

    Third picture shows another pre flower at the same height as the more developed one.

    Fourth is a female pre flower of this plant Screenshot_20190828-170753_Photos.jpg 20190825_151601.jpg 20190827_121754.jpg 20190827_121851.jpg

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