Is this plan realistic as im a growing noob.

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    Hiya GC peeps.
    Now I like weed. I love it infact ,the problem i find is that I cant seem to get my hands on the stuff when i want it. Instead I have to get friends of mine, with there pickups, to pick up for me which is a bit annoying, as sometimes its cool to toke up alone. Anyway Im currently living at home probs for the next year b4 uni etc. In my abode we have a fairly nice little garden where my dad-yes dad- likes to garden veg etc.I have 2 questions for known growers and would love the advice.

    1- How much could I grow in a week if I started small with a few seeds

    2- Can I keep the growing a secret, will it look obvious to my parents if it grows. I imagine they will think its just a plant.The patch im thinking of is quite over grown not alot but a fair amount.
    Is it realistic for me to grow for myself weekly as I have the patch and can get the seeds

    All the best thabks for the future advice..
  2. I do not know how to break this news to you but,, do you know it takes about 3 to 4 months at least from start (seed) to finish(flower and harvest) then minimum of one month to dry and cure? Besides, there is no way hiding the plant from a plain sight, especially in a garden. That is why many outdoor growers do not grow in their own yard, you see. Further, the flowering smell will let any neighbor know what is going on in your house.

    Good luck!
  3. 1- In one week? Are you serious? It would barely have roots let alone buds.

    2- It's going to look like tomatoes. For the first couple weeks or so anyway. Then it's going to start stinking like hell and when it starts budding, it's unmistakable. Even plants that are LST'd grow to 3 feet, so they are very visible.

    If your parents don't want you to grow, then don't. Wait until you have your own place.
  4. not even remotely. cannabis takes like 4 months minimum, grows big, and stinks. Using your parents house against their will for illegal activities is heinous, don't. Get your own place, learn everything about growing that you can, and grow some trees.
  5. My good friend, EXPLORE!

    Im 19 and still live with my parent's (sad eh?) and I grow just up the road, about a mile away, in a nice, deep forest.

    Do what I do.
  6. Hence why I called myself a noob good to know my friend was thinking of doing it aswell.
  7. sorry, but thats not a realistic plan monster... try researching 'guerilla growing' - i think thats your best option but you better be quick :eek:

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