Is this phosphorus deficiency?

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    Phosphorus deficiency in marijuana plants
    Basically, phosphorus is extremely important for much of your plant’s life cycle. Without phosphorus, your plant will suffer.
    While a phosphorus deficiency rarely occurs in plants that have been specifically planted and taken care of by a knowledgeable grower, when it does occur it can be devastating for a marijuana crop.

    There are a number of factors that can cause a lack of phosphorus.

    These factors can include an improper pH level, irresponsible watering or over watering, soil that has too much moisture in it, and cold temperatures of lower than 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Temperature is especially a problem the change is sudden.

    Signs of a cannabis phosphorus deficiency
    There are a number of ways to identify your plant as having a phosphorus deficiency.

    Signs of a cannabis phosphorus deficiency
    You should never add extra phosphorus to your plants unless they are clearly exhibiting some of these symptoms; otherwise, they are probably perfectly happy, with enough phosphorus to live out their happy, productive lives.

    However, as soon as things start looking fishy you should start considering the possibility of a phosphorus deficiency.

    You might have a phosphorus deficiency on your hands if your plant’s growth slows down significantly and the only new leaves are very small.

    The older leaves, however, will be the first to show signs of a lack of phosphorus – especially leaves located near the bottom of the plant.

    The symptoms will begin there and will move upwards. The affected leaves will turn a darker green, then will show purple and blue colors.
    Potassium deficiency
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