Is this PH meter good?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Khalram, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. Hey fellow growers!

    I just wanted to know if any of you knows if this is a good PH meter for marijuana growing.
    The brand is called Doctor Plant, and this is the 2012 model.
    Any advices on this buy?


    Thanks a lot in advance! :smoke:

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  2. seems to be good enough for me. go for it. I've seen it before.

    Also could someone tell me if soil pH 6 and water pH 7 is nice enough for cannabis growing with no prob?
  3. Thanks, man. I think I may go for it, it's only 40 bucks.

  4. I think you can find it for $30 but your choice... gl and basically all pH meters works there are just some cheap ones that sucks... $40 seems to have minimum quality... there are pH meters that are like $300 such a rip off but ok
  5. My honest opinion, save your money and dont buy it. Most cheap soil PH probes arent that accurate. They can give you a general idea but can still be off enough to where you have problems. The only accurate and reliable soil PH probes I have seen start around $300 on up and used in nurserys and high school agriculture classes. My first PH meter I had a cheap one similiar to that and it rarely moved off of a PH reading of 6.8 then when testing the run off with a digital meter my PH was 7.2. That explained why my plants were still showing problems on the leaves. A cheap digital meter starting around $15.00 for a basic one that may last you a few grows would be more accurate then a cheap soil PH probe. You would need some calibration solution, some PH Up & Down solutions to go with it.
  6. For $30 I would pick up a Milwaukee ph600. I've never seen one of those cheap soil probes that were worth a crap.
  7. lol I won't post about shit I don't know... really though a $30 would be enough good.
  8. Hey, thanks a lot for the help guys!
  9. Just one last thing, I would recommend you a liquid pH tester it's really cheap and you can get in some or all petshops... (just repassing what I was told)

    get the water that goes down from the soil in the pot tray so you get soil pH

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