Is this P, K or Ca deficiency?

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  1. I've lurked but now I have an issue I can't seem to make progress on so I thought I'd ask. Basic info:
    Medium: Hydro
    Week 2 Flower
    LED 200W
    Tap mixed with RO to 0.4ec. 85mg Ca, 15mg Mg
    Canna Aqua to 2.0 ec
    Ph stable 6.0 +- 0.2
    75F / 24C 60% RH
    100L System

    I could probably do a water change but I want to learn what this is. New growth looks good but older leaves are starting to look like the pic and I can't really figure it out. I'd appreciate some feedback so I can learn diagnose. Overall plant and roots are happy but the issue is spreading somewhat.

    I've looked at a bunch of charts but nothing matches exactly from what I can tell so I assume I'm missing something. What am I missing?


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  2. Pictures of the whole plant and also the root zone?
  3. I feel silly now because the top looks good :D

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  4. Looks like nutrient burn.
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  5. I'd second that.

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  6. if your not to sure what the trouble is have a looksee at they have a good files of different troubles etc ,,,,,,,mac
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    Oh wow, thanks! That just shows you how in my own head I am. I was sure it's a deficiency that I ignored the fact that ec tends to creep up rather than down which would support the burn hypothesis. I'll try to add in some RO.

    Still open to somebody confirming my deficiency suspicions :D

    edit: should nutrient burn not show in new leaves first?

    I've added RO to 1.8 ec

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