Is this overwatering or something more sinister?

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    So I just transplanted 4 plants into my new modular scrog setup and 3 of the 4 are coming along spectacularly however this plant is really struggling. I believe it is overwatering from my research but to be quite honest the weird discoloration on the leaves is throwing me for a loop so im not entirely sure due to the fact that this is my 2nd grow so i'm still a little clueless. Any help you all can provide would be much appreciated.

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  2. My first thought is Ph issues caused by over watering. Any idea what strain the affected plant is? Is it different than the other 3?

    What's your watering schedule and nutrients you're using?
  3. The strain is nirvana northern lights and it was just repotted into 5 gallons of FFOF and when I repotted I watered with around a 1/2-3/4 gallon of water with superthrive.
  4. i grew that strain twice. first time was nice. i had a slight calcium def for a while but figured it out.. I noticed two phenos.. some of the plants grew large and produced heavier, the others looked kinda like "runts" but had much nicer trichromes , flavor , aroma.. The runts produced about 30% less per plant id estimate but the smoke was twice as good.

    The second time i grew it from the same pack of seeds i only had 2 beans, both of which got sick in veg and i scrapped them. the deficiency in the leaves looked very similar to yours and i distinctly remember the new growth being so frail as yours is. I was also in ffof / perlite. using botanicare pure blend pro lineup. I thought it may have been a ph lockout from over fertilizing but i never did figure it out in time. I decided to rid them of the garden and flower the other strains which were doing fine.

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