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Is this orange kush? or Sour D?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by crazyfirem, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. This is the bud i bought from my boi and he said he dont know what it is and my friend said it sour d then my other said its orange kush cuz the hairs. so what is it?
  2. i would say that it's neither. It just looks like bud with extravagant orange hairs.
  3. Lol orange kush because it has orange hairs? i think i can speak for all of GC when i say your friend is very wrong.. lots of buds have orange hairs on them. Im not sure what strain that is there but it still looks like a nice smoke. Enjoy :smoke:
  4. Sour D tastes REALLY skunky, so thats a way to tell. I don't know about orange kush, but orange crush is really citrusy. MOST weed has orange hairs, so that's kind of silly to think it's any specific strain based on that. Just enjoy it if its good and don't worry about strain.
  5. oh man. its probably neither
  6. Probably neither. Don't listen to your stupid friends, I hate how "Sour Diesel" is the new OG Kush...any fucking bud now a days is "Sour D"
  7. Most ppl you may purchase off of are gonna say it's Alabama kush(joke) even when it's not. Looks great tho. Lucky you
  8. your friends sound kinda dumb no offense lol
  9. Looks like marijuana.
  10. Only way to know is if it came from a dispensary and you saw the label, or if you ask the grower. If someone tells you what strain it is and they have no proof, then don't call it by that name.
  11. your friends know nothing.
  12. #12 Husky42, Aug 7, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 7, 2011
    This is sour d from my plant..

    And here is a shitty pic of orange kush..

    [​IMG] - Sour D - - All that yellow is OLD and from a fogger, leaves never fully died so i jus tleft them on the plant.

    Orange Kush (bad cell pic all i had sorry)

    Attached Files:

  13. Check my avatar, that's orange kush :p
  14. You can have 2 seeds of the same things. But if they were to be grown differently the bud will look somewhat different in the end, maybe darker or lighter etc... Especially buds that are known to go purple.

  15. What I posted in that lower pic is as well. and it comes right from the grower, I do not fuck around.

    Bud just may look dif in the end.

    Hell its like this Rhino i have going, most White Rhino i've seen is semi dense but still a little airy, this stuff is so dense and hard the buds are like rocks - difference? Probably that I used gravity on that plant.

    Lots of things can change end appearance. I've been smoking NL for a long time as its one of my faves and seeing different harvest, man the bud can be so varied even if its the same strain. :p
  16. I don't know man, is this Gray Goose or Smirnoff?:laughing:


  17. Fuck you man, thats water! :D

  18. AWHHH~! You got me! :laughing:
  19. Hahahahaha

    But for real tho if you smell your nug you can tell if its sour diesel or not. REAL sour d smells like what the name is. It smells a little bit like diesel and has a sour aroma/taste.
  20. Looks similar to some sour d I had, just yours is a little darker.

    Whatever it is it's dank as fuck. :smoke::smoke:

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