Is this opium?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Bubble Kushh, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. I tried making some from poppy seeds using a guide form here...what do you guys think?

  2. it's not opium you made, you made an opium extract. real opium is what you get when the poppy pods open up and that shit oozes out. you've made something pretty dame close but not exactly. this should still fuck you up though.
  3. looks real close man. good work. its a littlw more tarish black the real opium... have a good time brah
  4. How much should I smoke?

    Yeah I meant opium extract sorry.
  5. uhh i smoked like a bowl pack, wait to see how u feel after that, then judge upon what u think, if ur scared im sure if u search howmuch to smoke it will come up
  6. Ill prolly just try a small bowl. I doubt its really potent anyways...
    How does it burn? Is it kinda like resin?
  7. uhh it sorta llike gets real hot, oh roll it into a ball. the torch it with the lite. in hale yeh sorta like resin it just gets mad hot and shit
  8. first, id like a link to those instructions, especially if it works


    grind up some nugs and sprinkle a little bit of that ontop. dont smoke it straight, looks like itll taste like ass.

    if youve got a hookah you actually use for shisha, pack some on the shisha.
  9. how was it? did you smoke that shit? i was going to do this for a while until people starting commenting on how its not real opium. that stuff looks nice and amber though. smoke should be quite pleasent if its anything like the real stuff. effects are kind of subtle, yet noticable. enjoy and let us know how it work
  10. Yeah Im not sure when, probably tonight. Ill let you guys know for sure though!
  11. You know you can purchase dried out poppies that would probably work a lot better than poppy seeds, right? They are sold as decorations all over the place.
  12. I found some on eBay but I decided to buy at my grocery store cuz they accept my EBT card :D

  13. I've never smoked opium extract, but I guarentee you putting it in a hookah is a bad idea.

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