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is this one gram?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by drewster81, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. Just bought blueberry kush for $20.
    I just crushed it up just now and was wondering did I get ripped off?

  2. Yeah its about a gram. If 20 dollars is good for a g/ in your area then you're all set.
  3. Definately dont think its a gram because a gram should FILL a dimebag completely, especially since that is really fluffy shakey bud,
  4. If this is your first buy, you did OK:). Don't berate youself, we all have to start somewhere. You may wish to look at the pics of folks pickups here and get a better idea of what various the various weights and types look like. If you're going to be buying often in future, a small scale may be a good investment.

    Looks aren't everything-I have some chemdawg that looks like lawn clippings but is amazingly strong.That looks a bit uncured, is it still dampish?
  5. Yea it is my first buy. the bag was filled up until i took out the stems. I really need to buy a scale soon. don't want to be getting ripped off.
  6. Thanks man.
    Nah it is not damp.
  7. I could never even be close to being 100% sure, just by looking at it. I've had eights fit in a bag that size before. It depends a lot on the density of it. I'm sure you know this, when your just buying a G tho... your guy isn't making a huge profit so you never know. ;)
  8. It might be a little short of a gram. Also, I don`t know about your area but $20 in BC = 2 grams. So if you`ve got similar prices... you got screwed.

    Otherwise, maybe with stems it was a gram or so. Maybe 1.25, I`m thinking you might be just short of a gram here though. Trial and error, bud!

    But to give you a little more confidence, when I had blueberry kush it was fantastic. So have fun! :smoke:
  9. prices around vegas go for $15-35 bucks a gram depending on the weed ofcourse. but cool I haven't smoked it yet and I have never tried blueberry kush and hope it is fantastic.
  10. Don't toss the stems, stem tea is good! I've got about 1 lb of weed in the freezer and still make stem tea.
  11. I never tried it.
    But since you say it is good I should lol.
    I save the stems for my friend for the same exact reason.
  12. always ask if you can see it on the scale and if they're like "oh, its at the crib." just be like "its cool, I'll just weigh it out when I get home." dealers often aren't stupid enough to rip off someone who they think has a scale. so even if you don't have one, always play it off like you do.

    I'm baked :smoke:
  13. No, thats a dime. Agreed?

  14. Werd, bro.

    Or liek a hooked up nickle.

  15. hahah a FAT nickel, a dime, or a skimped dub. :smoking:
  16. Not to mention, you can get them so cheap that it literally pays for itself the first time it saves you from getting shorted. Between Amazon,, etc... you can usually find them for less than $10/shipped.
  17. i wish i had a scale right now :(
    some say it is a gram some say it is a dime
  18. Blade, the first ounce I bought was a full ounce, but it was freezer burned:eek:
    Then I got a half ounce with enough mite webs in it to knit a sweater.:D
    The ongoing perils of cannabis buying...;)
  19. No weed is worth 35 a gram, not even 30, nor 25. Unless you live in Antarctica or Greenland or something lol
  20. Looks like a gram to me. Usually when I try to get a gram, I end up with either exactly one gram or a bit less. Dealers around here hate selling grams.

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