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  1. I forget what strain this is but its an autoflower, I usually use a grow tent and they grow about half this size so when I tried growing it on a window sill and it shot up like this that fast I was pleasantly surprised but in the tent around this time other autos start producing, I don't know what to call them - the secondary leaves (?) - where buds eventually grow. this one is about 3-4 weeks old, should I worry or is it fine ? everything is green and it exhibits no symptoms of any deficency. as you can see in the pics I can't even tell if its male or female or not, they have those tiny things and since its "feminized auto" it should be female right ?
  2. Doesn't seem to be getting enough light. It needs direct sunlight. It's stretching upwards seeking out that light instead of growing outwards and getting bigger.

    If it stays where it is it might survive but won't produce much for you.
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  3. yeah but I'm afraid that if I put it in the garden then the pests would ruin it or if I put it in the tent the light would burn it.. don't know what to do.
  4. What kind of light sand what kind of tent like how y’all is the tent and what type of light are u using
  5. Put it in your tent and just raise your light. Or if you have a adjustable ballast then just lower the wattage on the light during the veg period. Like what WilliamNewbridge said it is stretching like that due to lack of light. You may have to support it since it got so lanky.
  6. I'm using these.. got 2 lights

  7. hm cant post pics for some reason.. one more try
  8. They shouldn’t be burning in the tent..Like I don’t think that they will get light burn, unless your talking about temperature wise. Then I just need some fans blowing the air out until you can get some ventilation ducting
  9. Never put a plant on the windowsill - it will stretch bigly.
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