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  1. I have a T5HO 4 2' bulbs...they have 6500K's in them and I just bought some extra CFL's to add to the lights...But the CFL bulbs are 3500k's but the girls are small and on a 18/6 lighting pattern so is this ok or should I go get 6500K's

    I bought 42w 6500K CFL's but for some damn reason they dont turn on there brinks brand ( the 42w's)
  2. Also had another question about lighting output....Lets say for example I have a 6700K bulb and a 3500K bulb between the two, would this give me the 5100K output range. IDK why I though about that but if the add the outputs and divide buy 2 bulbs you get 5100K.....I dont think this is right but hey I thought Id ask...
  3. From what I've gathered; I dont think thats correct. The color spectrum of the light is set in stone. The 3500k is that spectrum no matter what other light is around it. All your worried about is giving your plants light near the 6500k spectrum for vegging and 2500k for flowering. You can't add two bulbs spectrum's together to get a higher one or anything.

    To answer your other question. I think i read that it is good to have some of both spectrums on your plants since after all your trying to mimic the sun which has them all...I would go with a 2:1 ratio for each respectful stage. 2-6500k for every 1-2500k in vegging;;;vice versa for flowering. I hope this helps and wish you the luck on your grow!
  4. Would it be ok to go with 4-6500K's and 2-3500K's I have 3500K bulbs so Id like to save the money for more fans since Im add more light....
  5. Just a question....if someone were to use 3500K bulbs but keep the light schedule on 18 hours or more a day wouldnt it stay in veg....
  6. Yep 12 hours is what tells it time to flower!

    Also I think 3500k would be fine;; but might want to double check that.
  7. You can use practically any CFL. some of the CFLs are better for different stages of the plants life because of there different spectrums. I have grown and used 2700k 3000k 3500k I didnt really see a difference ever.

    EDIT: however if you are seriouse use 2700k then whatever the other one is idk search the forum. One of the best ways to learn is watching youtube and reading comments. :D
  8. Outdoors plants will get a mixed spectrum. At the begining of the planting season through summer they will get more blue light spectrum then red and towards the end of the season when the days start getting shorter and they will start to flower they will get more red light spectrum then blue. But the flowering process really starts when the days start getting consideraby shorter. It may not start at exactly 12 hours but around that time frame.
  9. marijuana loves light. just get as much of it as possible without burning the tops.

    i leave my veg on for 20/4 schedule but had great success running it 24/0.

    i use HID lighting but have ran both metal halide and HPS in the veg room together to get more light.

    i have heard that light with a higher kelvin rating slightly inhibits internode spacing, but have never validated these claims myself
  10. 3500k is nearly a waste of energy on plants. Most of the spectrum charts I've seen show it peaking heavily in yellow (which plants barely use) and orange (which they use to a small degree). Plants need mostly blue (~450nm) and red (~700nm). 3500k spectrums peak slightly in the 450nm range, and have a weak, but broad red output. Long story short, those bulbs are wasted on plants. Put em in a meat case instead, that's what they're best for.
  11. Yup just put 4 5500K's in it and wow!

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