Is this ok to smoke???

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  1. This weed wasn't dried out properly, has been in a jar for 3 months and is dry now. Does it look ok to smoke , Thanks for any help I am new to this............Lance

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  2. You won't die
  3. you're gonna die
  4. 100% probable death
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  5. that's some shit
  6. forget not dried properly, that shit wasn't even trimmed properly. As long as there's no mold you're good to go.
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  7. looks like caca so i wouldn't smoke it but thats how it was grown, as long as there was no condensation in the jar youll be fine
  8. Thanks guys there is some mould on one side so just cut that out?
    As you can see I did not trim it properly either.
    It was grown outside but wasn't dried quickly enough as I had to hide it for a few days before drying
  9. Just cut out the mold and make sure there isn't any where you can't see it too.
  10. if there is visible mold then there are invisible spores throughout the bud. DO NOT smoke moldy bud that shit is bad for you, like 10 cigs at once bad.

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