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Is this ok to smoke?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Isenguard420, Oct 9, 2014.

  1. #1 Isenguard420, Oct 9, 2014
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    My neighbor has some bud and its been growing completely outside. Is it cool to smoke? There was a bee stuck on one of the fan leaves they have so much resin.

  2. Why not just ask your neighbor? 
  3. #3 Isenguard420, Oct 9, 2014
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    He said its good to smoke, I get to pick a cola. The only problem I have is its been grown outdoors. Is outdoor bud like that good to smoke? It smells hella good. There was a big ass bee on one of the plants and it was stuck to the plant to its death because of the resins on the fan leaves.
    Should I just give them a good rinse? He has a bunch of natural predators that protect the plants from bug infections I didn't see any mites or anything.
    I had to help clear out the plants one day because he was freaking out about the risk of mold but I got my generator going and blasted his buds with air an no mold got to them so he wanted to give me a cola of my choice for helping him out. Nothing like helping the neighbor out.
  4. No don't rinse the bud wtf? Lol. And I've had some outdoor that was far better than indoor.

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  5. #5 GrowTrees, Oct 9, 2014
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    Hahahah, give them a good rinse. Sorry that was hilarious.
    Outdoor weed is fine, obviously gonna have stuff from outside on it but if its trimmed well then theres nothing to worry about
  6. #6 InvaderKush, Oct 9, 2014
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    Yeah it sounds like your neighbor doesn't know. If you're stealing, It's in your best interests not to, and possibly learn a thing or two from him so you can have the same thing in your backyard, or at least see if you can try it out when it's done. Its like that teach a man to fish saying except applies to stealing a man's fish. You can't just pluck a bud off and smoke it, so I say no it's not okay for what you asked if I'm understanding the situation correctly.
    Edit: nevermind
  7. #7 GloriousZOMBiE, Oct 9, 2014
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    Don't rinse it, your smoking it not eating dude. Also it doesn't look ready yet. You can smoke it, you'll get high and it looks good as hell but you would get higher if it matured and produced all the resins it can and once all thc is in trichomes. Highest potency is when trichomes are milky not clear. Also outdoor is far superior than indoor due to full spectrum lighting, no ligh source could compete against the sun. But indoor, you can control conditions like when they get watered, Nutes temps hours of light, also don't steal it. You might get beat the fuck up or worse, also you don't wanna be labeled as a thief, and have 2 black eyes. People could call you a weasel, literally for being a thief and having 2 black eyes. Instead, let the dude yield his weed and become friends with him and learn, don't take what you don't know. also don't wash it, I swear this is this craziest question Iv ever heard? 😒
    There are some crazy looking spiders that have set up shop on some buds and a few gnarly tropical looking spiders live under the fan leaves I have had many run over me and they look poisonous as hell. Red, black and yellow but they are good if they eat mites. I never new some of these spiders lived around here they look crazy as fuck.
  9. #9 Isenguard420, Oct 9, 2014
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    I was thinking of waiting two weeks or so to pick my cola, do you think that's about right? I want that one because its banana kush and it smells so awesome and sweet. The guy said a couple weeks some others may be done in 10 days.
    I rinsed some other bud I freshly harvested that was indoor and I blasted with fans in the drying room and it worked well, I don't like it when shit is in my bud.
  10. I couldn't tell ya when it's ready, I don't know the strain of flowering time I'd let the grower determine when it's right cuz he probably has 10x the knowledge you have about growing. Pick the bus you want after he cuts it. Also putting fans on you weed to dry it quick isn't to good, slowly dry your weed, a week of drying is perfect, but if you dry it to fast the weed will be super harsh and smoke all fucked up and taste terrible no matter how long you cure. But the weed looks dank non the less

    I only use the fans after I have washed the buds with h2o and once the buds aren't damp I hang them in a dark room. I DO NOT USE THE FANS FOR QUICKER DRYING AND NEVER QUICKEN ANY PART OF MY CURING PROCESSES. Washing the buds is perfectly ok to do since hella stuff sticks to the resiny flowers. For example dust, airborn particulates, and lady bug shit among other things.

    Hell it dumps rain in nature and buds can handle rain here and there just not a lot of it.
    Have you heard of water curing? I'm guessing you haven't. If you wash the bud then hang it up you are probably asking for mold thats why I use fans for an hour or two.
  12. chill out dude, no I haven't heard of water curing? But if there's dust stuck in the resin and trichomes there's nothing you can do, unless you wanna wash trichomes off, but hey do whatever the fuck you wanna do, if your the expert... It's your weed. Also a lil dust and lady bug shit never hurt anyone. ✌️
  13. Gee man, the sun there looks a whole lot like the yellow of an HPS.
  14. Of course outdoor bud is ok to smoke, that's how people have been growing it for thousands of years. And a little dust and lady bug shit isnt a big deal, just look up what kind of stuff can be found in the food at your grocery store.
    LOL, yes, when I was young all of it was grown outside, and most of it was not in this country.
  16. Yeah I believe most of it comes from Africa, it's my dream to go there and try a true landrace strain. I love the way the air mixes in with the weed and gives it a unique taste, nothing beats quality grown outdoor.
  17. you better look for egg sacks under the fan leavesmand inspect the buds/colas for worms. Good luck.
  18. No there are no egg sacks or worms in the bud from my knowledge. Some have spun webs and they catch flies and stuff, but others use the plant as their house lol. There isn't a big bug issue surprisingly and my neighbor likes to keep the predators around since he grows organically. He says spider mites, deer and mold are the only real issues he has to fight. The mites are pretty much always there but they are always put in place and never get out of control because of other natural factors in the garden including predatory insects. Indoors spider mites get out of hand much faster from my experience but I have always been able to rid them off.
  19. Its probably a little yellow because of the filter for my camera, its outdoor bud fosho though.
    "Most of it comes from Africa . . . " ? ? ? WTF?
    When? Today? I don't really know, but I think most weed today is grown right here in the USA. I've never even heard of African weed; what would be the point of importing it?
    Forty-fifty years ago nearly everything was imported from outside the US. A lot of the time we didn't even know where it was from, but the premier stuff came from Columbia -- they told us because it was a good selling point. Around the late '70s (as I recall) we started getting Cali and Hawaiian
    sinsemilla <(something new) here in the east.
    We didn't know squat about how to grow, harvest, or cure good weed -- especially indoors. There was no internet to disseminate info like today. It's a whole different world now.

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