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Is this ok or am i screwed?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by celticweedlover, Feb 22, 2003.

  1. k, The pic below shows the set up im gonna make and i hope it will be ok.
    The space is under a desk and is covered with a wooden self-made door.
    I have 4 or 6, 18w compact flouro's which giv out 1200 lumens each.
    im gonna paint the walls glossy white or use the dull side of alu foil.
    Im only growing 1 plant so im not gonna invest a lot of money into it.
    (When i find the space for maybe 10 plants ill invest a lot)
    Im gonna germinate the seed first then plant it in 6inch wide pots
    filled with 50/50 mix of "seed & potting soil" and sand/Pearlite/Horticultural grit.
    im gonna veg on 24hrs light and when it is over half the height of the space
    im gonna switch to 12/12 until shes ripe.
    If any1 can see any problems with this,PLEASE,PLEASE tell me
    i can take the harsh comments,i cant take the harsh weed!
    Over and Out!

    P.S> I was gonna vent it but i dont know if i should, any ideas?

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  2. First of all, hot air you would want the top one to be the OUT and the bottom one to be the IN.
  3. 80 mm would mean that your plant would be at the most 2 and a 1/2 feet tall and that would not leave no room for the lights I think you need a least 4 to 5 feet tall i'm really not sure but most plants get to least 3 foot and that is if you start them into flowering at 12 inches

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  4. I cant believe i overlooked that,
    Good lookin out man,
    is the rest ok though ?
  5. Yea, everything else looks good...I would just throw an HPS in the mix =)
  6. Yes!! ...... but like vatoloco said about the holes the top one to be the OUT and the bottom one to be the IN and yes a HPS would be more helpfull to you
  7. Im gonna try and find a small hps or mh to help it out,
    but if i cant, (i live in ireland and if i go into a shop and ask for a hps light , ill probably end up with mercury vapour or halogen or
    is there anything i can do to give it a broader spectrum of light?
    thanks for the help u guys,
  8. Look for flouros that are either full spectrum or wide spectrum and a combination of warm whites and cool whites...more cool whites than warm for vegging.
  9. may i suggest using bounce sheets to make to smell from the out!.....i take it that smell would be a problem if your going to the effort of hiding it under a desk?

    as for the lights, if your good with the gab as all you's irish are..(well all my relatives anyway).....just go into a wholesale electrical store...the one where all the electricians go!! and ask for the light you want....if the guy asks anything just say your from out of town working on a sub contracted job, and part of it is to fit a light onto the side of a building, and that will work.....did for me.....oh and pay cash and never give any details or accept one of those cards that give you points as they can be monitored........Peace out....Sid
  10. About 15 feet away from my house theres a street light and its orange and puts everything off colour at night, im guessing its a hps or maybe a mh with an orange cover.The pole is about 18 feet high,and not very sturdy.
    Any1 got any ideas on how to get the goods from the top of the pole into my set-up?
    ill have to do it by day so i wont be<----------not really funny!
    Since i have the gift of the gab(sidious), maybe i could talk the hps down from the
    I would really love a hps but i just dont wanna pay for it, what can i cheap,
    In ireland hps lights are costly, and ive never seen a mh light,
    i have 4 friends who are electricians and even if they get em from the supplier, its still gonna cost an arm and a leg, and being a student with no money, id rather go for the cheap way.
    Cheers for all the info and advice guys,yee are all top notch human beings
    Over and Out!
  11. DO NOT, AND I REPEAT DO NOT USE STREET LAMPS FOR GROWING they fucking SUCK they are shitty mercury vapor lights or some other type, they put off more heat then they are worth and the cops would most definently notice your power usage going thru the roof - wait scratch that, going thru the moon
  12. in the UK the orange street lamps are allmost allways LPS (Low Pressure sodium) and run at about 20w

    ther shit 4 growin on ther own but when used 4 flowering along with a MH thats nearly all blue spectrum thay give the red end thats needed and r worth ther weight in bud!!!

    if u are gonna nick 1 then its the balast thats in the bottom of the lamp post behind that little door that u want, the bulbs and fittings r cheap enough. or atleast they was bout 5 year ago when i had to get some. dunno how much a ballast is tho, never had to buy one of them ;) some even come with ther own timers

    oh and if u r gonna do it then the most important thing u can have is a m8 with a big stick and marigolds on to hit u across the arms when u touch a live wire and stick to the bugger and do that sort of shaky dance ppl do when they got 240v going through them.

    if u do have a m8 thats a sparky then let him get it 4 ya if hes daft enough.
  13. I have wanted to steal a street light for the longest time. LOL :)
  14. The whole lamp? Or just the bulb?
  15. just the fixture. It woul be kinda hard to steal a 20foot high tight post:D
  16. I know, that's why I was curious, I thought it would be quite a feat, and would be a hell of a prank/accomplishment. (especially seeing how today is april fools)

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