is this ok hear are some pics

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by up in smoke, May 2, 2006.

  1. you missed spelled hear, its here like here's some candy but i high but cna alot of people see your window
  2. looking good, better than my starts
  3. beautiful view outside your window. I don't know the temps where you live... so I can't really help much. I'd try to get them a little more light now somehow though. either walking them outside during afternoons or getting some CFLs until it's warm enough outside.
  4. How about you just buy a half o and put it in the soil like a fertilizer!:D it worked for me ! now i have 20 pounds of some fine red dragon.
  5. honestly, wtf are you talking about?
  6. ya that i hear that works like crazy but id rather smoke it.
  7. i would feel bad using it as fertilizer if i were you i would grow the males and use as fert!
  8. Hey gnuk60 gnoko or watever your name is , that fetilizer comment was a joke to my buddy there if you didnt catch that right away genius. :hello:
  9. OK jackass...find a south facing hill and hope they flower in time...period..

    I can tell your family is rich so maybe con your mom out of 500 bucks then buy a light then you can grow those right in that mansion of yours.
  10. My males go on the compost heap and so become next year´s fertiliser.

  11. you are a no life pice of shit. why would u even say something like that, i wish i knew who u were so i could strighten you out u faggot. anyway its called canada and we all have nice views.
  12. Steady, Sir. Let´s not get personally abusive.
  13. HIGH All, ok guys enough of the name calling...we don't allow it here. Thanks.

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