Is this ok for my roots?

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  1. Here is a photo of my baskets in my ebb and flow table. The roots are really starting to grow strong and are making their way out of the baskets. They are being exposed to the light and the baskets are matting them down. Is this a problem? If so, what are the solutions? My biggest concern is that I may be damaging the roots. Everything else seems to be good. I just don't want to be damaging them without knowing.


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  2. from what i know, the lights may cause you root rot
  3. Light will cause you roots to turn green and no longer function as roots. You need to get the light off them, I don't know much about table ebb and flow set ups, but if you fill the entire table a couple inches deep with expanded clay pebbles that should work right?
  4. i know how to fix your problem. put a coco on your table to cover the entire thing, then set your pots on them. your roots will grow into the coco mat, but you can't move them once they start to grow into the mat. problem solved
  5. Or black Plastic over the table and cut holes in it for the buckets. You want NO light on roots and no light on the water because that promotes algae.
  6. Thanks for the suggestions.

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