Is this offensive?

Discussion in 'General' started by Purp Skurp, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. Arguing on the Internet is like the special Olympics, you might win but you're still a retard. Some idiots were arguing on twitter yesterday and I was gonna tweet that at them but then I thought everybody would start getting all pissy at me. So is that offensive to anybody?
  2. It's only offensive to retards.
  3. Yes. Do it
  4. OP, that would be a good sig....
  5. Do it before the olympics hype ends ..... Its only relevant for a short time

  6. I love your originality

  7. I never said it was original this phrase has been used for a long time
  8. [​IMG]
  9. Gahh I hate when people quote someone to try and own someone without at least citing who said it if you could find out. At the very least put quotes around it. Call me a grammar Nazi.
  10. Yes it's offensive, but what internet-borne joke isn't?
  11. Offensive? Who gives a fuck.

    It's not always true.

    I've read many threads where people were arguing but doing so respectfully and citing their facts. Nothing wrong with a debate. Doesn't make them retarded.

    But just arguing saying dumb shit, like what happens a lot on this forum and a lot in general nowadays definitely fits that quote.
  12. It could be taked offencivly to some... But if its on the internet.. Who gives? xD Pack a bowl and fly away!
  13. We have that saying around here but it pertains to something else. I think it's about driving a ricer.
  14. It's offensive to people who can't take a joke. However, I wouldn't use it though cause its beat as f*** and came out ten years ago
  15. Retards use twitter so it's okay.

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