is this nute burn?

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    What type of medium; soil or hydro? foxfarm ocean forest

    Indoors or outdoors? indoors

    What strain? supposedly Nevilles haze. I ordered the seeds from

    How old are the plants? week 7 flower

    What type of lights and how many watts? 600 watt hps

    How far from the lights? 12 inches

    What is your watering frequency and source of water? I water every 3-5 days as needed. I use rain water

    What, how much and when was it fed? NPK? I am following the foxfarm feeding schedule right now in week 7.

    What is the medium/runoff pH? I use ph test strips and its anywhere from 6.0-6.5

    What are the temps and humidity in the room? humidity is at 50% the temps stay cool at about 70 degrees fahrenheit.

    What size pots? 7 gal

    Any bugs? Look real close. none

    Any other pertinent info? . I am still a grow noob (2nd grow) and am also

    aware that plants often have a N deficiency late in flower, and to me i don't

    feel like i am over fertilizing but I can't figure out what else it could be, i am

    growing 2 other plants that are treated exactly the same and are not showing

    any of these signs (maybe a bit of yellowing but from what I understand is

    normal). also the bud production is slowing down

    any help much appreciated....

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  4. When you say you followed FF feeding schedule does that mean you gave them exactly what it said? You should be feeding them with half strength nutes. More than enough.
  5. yes this is nute burn that i can tell anyways. i agree that using full strength FF products is a little much. i would've started light and increased incrementally as the weeks go on. also only feeding every other watering or so.

    if you fed every watering this would make sense that your plant seems to have developed multiple deficiencies. excess P and K causes many nutes to be locked-out. lock-out from high PPM's in the soil looks to be you main issue.

    if this is near your final week or so i would try to flush out the excess. you wont really see the plant bounce back too much. but this would help ensure that your harvest will be clean.

  6. yeah i give less than half strength because i know that this particular strain is sensitive to nutrients. but i guess i still over did it. damn

  7. thanks for the reply yeah i guess i over did it, i will do as you say and give it a good flush
  8. I haven't had this problem but I would think a good flush would help.
  9. guys i dont feed every watering i feed like almost every other week
  10. i might add possibly that the third plant in the one pic is a bit larger than the other two... could be a bit root-bound well at least more than the other two. this could cause your medium and root zone to hold moisture/nutrients in an uneven fashion. so this one plant may have been needing a slightly different feeding regiment, schedule, and dosing. if the plant wasn't exactly root-bound it still will have acted different than the other two simply because of the obvious vigor hence a larger root system. how old are these plants from start to now?

  11. It doesn't look like nute burn to me, from my experience, nute burn usually starts at the tips and works its way down the leaf and the leaf will be crispy(as if it is burnt) where the effected parts are, the leaves don't usually turn yellow like that unless there are other problems. It looks to me like toxic salt buildup, or the ph is off, have you tried flushing it? Proper soil ph for marijuana is 6.3-6.8, if it is 6.0 u will need to raise it a little bit, either way, a proper flush and maybe a little ph up if needed with some new extra dilluted nutes(since it's not growing very much, and in shock) should fix it up.
  12. did you flush before you started flowering if not you have a toxic salt build up
    flush and start back with 1/2 strength nutes
  13. I agree with this. I used Fox Farm soil and Fox Farm Fruit and Flower Peace of Mind for flowering, and I didnt flush before hitting the switch and that Peace of Mind added so much salt to an already "toxic" situation LOL.

    Lost a lot of leaves before I figured it out. Dont let the same happen to you. Flush flush flush. I buy distilled water from my local dollar general and it has a PH of 6.5 right out of the gallon. I dont even check the ph anymore of it because it has always been thus.

    Cleared all my problems up, and it looked very similar to yours.
  14. i was thinking it was a cal deficiency but yes i flush like every 3 weeks or so and yes i flushed before i started flowering. the plants are in 7 gal pots do you really think that it could be root bound?
    i just got done flushing it just now with about 7 gal of rain water hopefully it helps....
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    well thats why i only suggested a possibility. 7 gallons is a good size even for most larger plants i have experienced. but some strains and some plants just want a fuck ton of rooting space. i mainly was pointing out the fact that this one plant is bigger and probably wants to be treated a bit differently as well.

    that is why sea of green growing tactics are prefered among most indoor growers... when you are dealing with smaller plants that change/react fast during growth phases it makes it easier to diagnose any problems. because the plant has given you a smaller amount of time to mess with it, and you have usually a better idea what has been done to the soil thus far. large plants indoors is very inefficient and a lot of work. still fun tho ofcourse.

    as for the salt buildup possibility. ive seen exactly how GRoWiNWeeDs described nute burn be actually a salt problem.

    as for ridding of toxic salts... you say you've done your flushing. but i will ask did you use some sort of flushing agent at all? your using hydro nutes. and you going to have more salts with these large pots that have been fed a bunch throughout some time. plain or distilled water wont quite do the trick. plain water flushing will removed excess nutes and unfortunately much of your microbial life, but will not do much to the salts. use sledgehammer by fox farms. is good stuff.

    this is why i suggest sea of green or switch to organic teas instead of hydro nutes. try instead of growing 3 plants as big as you have. grow six smaller ones(this will effect yeild in a great positive way). also this make it easy to not fuck your whole crop. only one little plant has the issue now being 1/6 of your problem instead of 1/3. ya follow me? good growin....

  16. thanks,
    as far as i know these nutrients i am using are not hydro nutes. yeah maybe next grow ill try some smaller indica plants but no i didnt use any flushing agents.
  17. i am using the full line up of fox farm flower nutrients for flowering like tiger bloom cha ching beastie bloom and so forth i am not using them all at once you are supposed to use them at the different stages of flowering, and it has seperate instructions for hydro and soil this is the schedule i follow but i must add that i feed way less than this

    Fox Farm Feeding Schedule For Soil - Marijuana Cultivation Forum
  18. the only really soil friendly nutes ffof has to offer for flowering is the big bloom. all the others are pretty much "hydro nutes". what i mainly mean by this is that these are nutes that will inevitably cause salt problems(compared to mainly organic teas and soil mixes). the high concetrations of the beastie blooms, cha-ching, and even the tiger bloom all can be harmful to soil microbes and raise salt levels.

    i use both the tiger and the big bloom nutes so i am pretty familiar on how they act in my soil setup. also i have a few copies of this same schedule. FFOF are good products dont get me wrong. they are just a bit elementary in nature. being careful on dosing is necessary for all forms of additives.

    your doing fine really. you got the plants to grow and produce. youll just get better as time goes on. i suggest to keep in mind a few things that i have said(mostly about the sea of green). ive been working towards a bit more on the organic side of solutions. seeing that in soil "hydro nutes" work well, but you almost might as well be using a non-soil medium such as coco. i like to max out my soil not my additives adding. like i said mostly a few things to keep in mind... lates

  19. so what kind of organic nutes do u recommend for flowering?
  20. well to start im no expert on the pure organic lines or even pure organic ways of growing. im barely scratching the surface. right now im in the process of learning how to max out the living situation of my microrizeahs, bacillus, other beneficial bacterias, and microbes in the soil.

    right now im kinda mixing the earthjuice line with FF Big Bloom and tiger bloom. for EJ i use the microblast a bit, the catalyst, and soon the bloom. i also use a bit of a kelp soil mix made by rainbowmix for vegging and blooming plants. big bloom is a great and easy to use product similar to EJ catalyst but with less N(so i alternate a bit). also hygrozyme is the shit use it for sure. tiger bloom is the least organic nute i use.

    i havent tried the "booster" products(chaching, beastie blooms, open seseme) for fear of destroying my microbes in my soil. this stuff is super concentrated and i think would be best in a pure hydro or soil-less setup. you see for my "maxing out my soil" goal i need to keep the carbon life in the soil alive and florishing. this will greatly increase the most natural and effective absorbency of all necessary nutrition and what not.

    if you really want to know a good pure organic style of growing i would suggest at some point at least learning about compost teas. which i have found the organic section of the forum has a great posting of multiple recipes. like i said im no expert. been doin alot of reading and thinking. is a lot of fun stuff. im some sort of enthusiast to well thought out boisciences involving plants.

    i will stop blabbin and add my main goal is to remove the excess. i mostly suggest doing what makes sense to you. if something your doing doesnt do some research, and ask some questions. overall whatever your growing that is pretty damn cool as is. have fun yo.


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