Is this nute burn?

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  1. Got two plants started from seed been using general organics go box about 3/4 of what it says to give them, they are outdoors and im using lst, is this nute burn and overall how do they look

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  2. They look nervous to me. Look at your body. Do you see 97% good to perfection with a couple of blemishes? Same with your plants. I am not saying don't monitor and correct but don't waste time and effort on 3% to the detriment of the 97%. If you see a trend make micro moves to combat. You are doing good. Have patience. It is nerve wracking waiting for bud, harvest, cure but the good news is you learn and do it again.
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  3. Looking a little pale. Could be beginning of N deficiency
  4. Are you PHing your water and nutrient solution? Could be Lockout due to wrong PH
  5. I wasnt phing at first i just started last week
  6. Any suggestions on what to do or just wait and see
  7. Sorry didn't see the reply. PH everything and wait it out. Also I would try feeding some N
  8. Check the pH of the water that runs out the bottom when you water it. If it's too high or too low you need to try and fix that

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