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Is this normal?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Gold1e, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. So i smoked weed at 8 with some buddies, then again at 10:30 and im still just starting to come down off an insane trip. Like i thought my feet shrunk and i was tilting back and forth and time slowed down and speed up and blurred. Are these near hallucinogenic effects normal for weed? This was pretty dank and I had about 1-1.2 grams the whole night total.

    Let me know if this is normal or what you guys think.
  2. Definitely laced bud
  3. ... Sounds like you need to chill out

    "I thought my feet had shrunk"

    wat :smoking:
  4. There I fixed it

    (what I mean is it's probably your first or second time smoking and your imagination has been unleashed into a world of happiness and wonder)

  5. o_O Really dude?

  6. Are you sure? It was insane though. This was only my 4th time smoking and its the highest I've ever been. I could literally see the crystals all over the bud too. Could it be that I was just really high?
  7. Congrats! You got high! But in all seriousness you probably got a little freaked out and that probably caused the panic attacks. If your relaxed then your high is morelikely to be mellllllloww
  8. Its on the verge of being bullshit but ive had similar experiences so id say its possible

  9. It was real dude. Im not very tolerant and I smoked a lot. Never felt anything like it though.
  10. #10 Tectonic420, Nov 20, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 20, 2011
    Yeah, with a low tolerance it's easy to trip out a little bit. I remember when I still had a low tolerance and I would smoke a lot, what I heard would echo in my head and my brain would tingle haha. Sometimes I would feel like the Earth was tilting beneath me. And that stuff was definitely not laced cuz I still get the same stuff today and it just gets me stoned like normal. So yeah don't worry bout it, it is fairly normal for a low tolerance and smoking quite a bit. :bongin:
  11. You was probably just baked as hell. I remember smoking a blunt once when I hardly smoked and I couldn't feel my legs. Insanely high.
  12. You just got really high, dude. Don't worry about it being laced, because it wasn't.
  13. People need to stop saying "shits laced" every time this topic pops up, no need to freak people out.
  14. The guy has neg rep. He's the most fucking annoying person on this forum ATM. No your bud was not laced. Don't believe the troll.

  15. Thanks for the info
  16. You're expecting too much out of the high, and your mind started making shit up in place of what you wanted the high to be like. Or it's laced.
  17. Haha nothing is laced, don't worry! Just a panic attack, very common, especially to newer smokers or those coming from a T-break. To not have these, don't smoke as much. Take maybe 2-3 hits, wait, and if you want more later smoke some more. Panic attacks are the worst, just don't give up on bud!
  18. I just don't think he knew what to expect. Being high can mess with your depth perception, I think that's what happened.
  19. You'd be doing alot more if that shit laced....that shit was not laced. Just smoke less next time if you don't wanna trip out.

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