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Is this normal?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by exonmoble, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. is it normal for some one to spit like mouthfulls of saliva after i big toke?

    because my friend does this, and its kinda a down buzz lol.
  2. yeah its normal
  3. by no means at all is this fact its anything BUT normal!
  4. Smoke not THC but smoke can make your mouth water sometime's it's weird it's just what comes with smoking something.
  5. yeah i've seen someone do this before and i agree it was a "down Buzz" until we realized how funny it was:D
  6. Yes, I spit a lot after toking, especially when I'm outdoors. :)
  7. Yeah it's normal, due to the amount of smoke you are consuming your saliva builds up and u gotta put that shit somewhere.
  8. Normal. I and a friend both do it, and a hilarious story comes with.

    He had just come off a month or two long T break, and so I packed him a nice fat bowl on my brand new bong. He ripped half of it, and started stumbling around drooling. He hit too hard. Was bloody hilarious.
  9. I have had it happen, as a matter of fact just did that last night. JOE>
  10. hahaaa i knew a dude who always drooled all over when he was smokin, and puking too from coughin. it was rediculous. but yeah id say its normal for some people. lmao
  11. ya it's annoying though when someone ruins a joint.
  12. Whenever I take a milkshot outta the bong of some funk that chokes me out, if I'm coughing bad enough water/drool just pours outta my mouth..I mean it's gotta be a BAD choke out but it's kinda gross I guess lol

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