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  1. ive been talking to this girl and recently we've been flirting and opening up to eachother and it feels good as shit until i smoke weed.....when im high i feel really weird about the whole situation and sometimes even start wondering if this girl is literally playing a joke on me because she is fucking gorgeous. prettiest thing ive ever seen.....why does weed do that to me its really trippy and probably freaks her out because i go from making her laugh and blush to being quiet and shy as fuck when im high
  2. Well your probaly just thinking too much about. Try not to think about things like that when your high because your thoughts might start getting to you. But the next time just try to relax and keep the bad thoughts away.
  3. your suppose to loosen up with the herb.

    dont over think everything bruh.

    everything will be well.

    seems everything is smooth.. that case.. keep powderin that booty.

  4. You're paranoid dude, just try not to let yourself get into those thought patterns, find some way to distract yourself. Start gazing into her eyes or something, she can probably take it from there.
  5. Well your probaly just thinking too much about.
  6. This is one of those rare cases of paranoia that dont involve cops or parents. Lol.

    Give her a chance, if she turns out to be a floosey, spit at her feet, and sulley her name. Whatever that means.

  7. i know how you feel. theres been two girls ive been with who i thought were just AMAZING in terms of how gorgeous they are. id always psych myself out thinking they are so gorgeous they could have ne1 they want why bother with me?

    stuff like that.

    what you have to remember is beauty is only in the eye of the beholder. she may see you as the best thing out there for her even if you're not like male model know?

    you cant pick who you like/love it just happens.

    also some girls never realize how gorgeous they really are...some have issues and see themselves as average when clearly they could be on a magazine cover.
  8. This guy knows what he's talking about.Just remember all of what he said next time you hang out with her.

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