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is this normal?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by budandshrooms, May 24, 2010.

  1. i know its not neccasarily a bad thing but i cant find mids and believe me i have tried. also i live in the bay area if that makes a difference. i have hit up all of my conects and asked them if they have any connects for mids (all my connects only have a slightly higher or lower selection of danks for about $10/gram). i want mids to make edibles, hash, and to roll a whole bunch of joints to puff on and not go broke from buying top shelf cali buds.

    so, is it normal to not be able to find mids in my area or do i just not have the right connects?
  2. $10/g is mids where I'm from. I wish i could get dank for $10 a gram.
  3. If you live in the Bay Area, there's a chance you'll mostly only have dank due to all the growers in Northern Cali. But for people like me(I live in Central Ohio), I have to go outta my way to find mids because I don't usually chill with people who smoke mids. I mean, no matter where you are, there'll be different kids of buds, but it all depends on who you're calling.
  4. just ask all ur dealers if you could get a deal on some trimmings and make some hash or w/e it is u wana do wit that shit.
  5. I know a few people in my town who can get me mids for $10/g, but I usually go for headies and don't smoke mids. Headies here are usually $20/g. Is THAT normal?

  6. Nothing but dank on the streets of norcal, gotta know a grower/guy who pushes a lot, or hit up the clubs for their shake/trimmings, much better to make hash with than mids imo.
  7. so what do you want to make edibles for? what kind?

    I am not a fan of edibles. I just get super drained and apathetic and there is not a distinct 'peak' of the high; it is more like 3-4 hours of fog.
  8. lol lets go on a search party for shit bud!!!!! lol but your too far away and that would be CREEPY shit anyways yeh it might be just your connects or your area (i had a guy what sold shake but hes 45% reliable....)

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