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is this normal?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by smokedatchronic, Jan 22, 2010.

  1. whenever im smoking and I have a little too much, I always start to get a little paranoid. I don't like freak out and sketch but the idea of getting caught by my parents or the cops pulling me over and busting me is always sitting there in the back of my head.

    In high school I got caught twice. One time before a 311 concert and the next time at a friends house at 4:30 am when his mom walked down to the basement. There were also other times when my parents were suspicious and I was high as shit.

    but anyways whenever I'm high and im left alone to my thoughts, they can become depressing. sometimes I get really self-concious and think about everrything i do and what I'm doing wrong and how I should change that. Im usualy so high that i start believing my thoughts and it becomes a downward spiral almost.

    i begin to think of everything going on around me as an archetype sort of. almost like a narrorater in my head saying "as he took this hit, little did he realize that there would be no turning back, he would always be a pothead." i think of myself in a story. like i'll be like "no we already had 3 bowls lets just chill for awhile" and my friends will then pressure me into doing it. then i think "this is the part of the story where his friends pressure him into doing it... if only he stopped them."

    so yea whenever i get trapped in my thoughts bad shit happens. i always become a little sad and whenever i think "im high. im not gonna listen to myself" the thought still lingers in my head. does anyone else experience anything like this?
  2. Stop worrying your gonna be okay. Paranoia is common from weed use.

  3. Marijuana and alcohol are both depressents, and marijuana in high doses does cause paranoia. I know this because i was depressed for a while and thats what my counsler told me.....
  4. do you guys know of anyways to make the paranoia lessen? i guess what im worried about most is my parents catchin me again. one time last year my sister randomly walked in my room and told me that her best friend heard from her brother that i still smoke. I didnt think much of it but then i started to feel bad.
  5. It's all in your head man. Whenever you start feeling regretful over your bud usage, just sit back, relax, and think "It's just a little weed. I've got nothing to feel bad about!"

    If you enjoy smoking weed, thats your decision, you're harming no one.

    And about your parents, just make sure you're in a safe environment. As long as you're careful, you should have no reason to worry!

    I hope you start feeling better about your smoking soon man :smoke:

    edit: wrong "your" haha :smoking:

  6. Marijuana is not a depressent, depressent means that means that it slows down your heart rate which it doesn't. Its more your personality what you can take, marijuana does not make me or anyone i know depressed no offense to your counsler but he/she is wrong.
  7. Just make sure your in a safe inviroment when your high. Since you know your safe your paranioa shouldn't be so bad. And i know getting caught is bad......but why does it bother you so much? Just say your sorry, it won't happen again and go smoke another joint. You shouldn't feel bad about it.
  8. So if I'm considered depressed is my heart rate slowed 0.o? a depressant also affects your mind(never heard about the heart thing) and can make feel bummed out or sad....

  9. yea obviously a depressent effects your mind but weed is not one of them alcohol is,

    weed is a hallucinogen if you don't trust me look it up for yourself things are not classifeid as depressents because it makes you depressed its classified as that because it slows your heart rate, even though it might make you depressed thats not why the classified it as a depressent, you know what i mean?

    and no if your heart rate is slowed your not depressed, this is just how some drugs are classifeid and it might be confusing because of the name to some people i can understand that.
  10. Ohhhh i see....Anyways don't be so paraniod....
  11. Yeah just brush it off. I use to get ultra paranoid about the dumbest things. Then I realized how much it matters, and what my friends think about me is important.

    If you're insecure, then weed will bring that out. Let it be a lesson, or something you can work on about yourself...

    Hang in there man.
  12. umm dawg i know whut you meen with that that used to happen to me when i started and wus with my freinds but now im changed, just think that ur lucky to be who you are and ur a good person,try to think in your mind of the good things and how lucky you are to have weed liek for example think how lucky a sonn of a bitch u are thers happy starvin bastards in china and ur smokin weed feelin bad?
  13. ay dawg i jus got caught today by my parents so i guess we got more in common haha, when your high make sure theres no way to get caught, so find a hiding spot/buy a small lockbox and make sure every weed paraphanelia is in there and you shouldnt worry about being caught, and dude get a lock on ur door to your room if ur parentsl let you (i got a actual houselock like wit keys n everything) or whatever room ur smoking in will make u feel alot better

  14. Wow wtf how old are you
  15. I've never been paranoid while high, is that normal? :confused:
  16. wrong!

    Erowid Cannabis (Marijuana) Vault

    check out the classifications

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