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is this normal

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ydoc07, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. So I was wondering if im just weird or what but i have been smoking for like 4 5 years now but i still hardly smokedown like when i smoke by myself half a joint or few hits off a bowl and im good....i dont know i just get strong paranoia for some reason i know its crazy but does anyone else feel or did feel this way?
  2. You just need to relax, you probably just think too much about getting caught. I don't know where you smoke, but I just make sure I pick a good spot and take precautions so that there's pretty much no chance of getting caught. Also, don't worry about people knowing you are high (unless maybe you don't want your parents to know or something), if you don't have anything on you there's nothing anyone can do about it.
  3. just relax, shouldn't be paranoid about much, unless your outside some place, but if ur in ur own room don't see why u should be paranoid unless ur scared of getting caught
  4. For me, to reduce paranoia, I smoke in comfortable places where I can see everything around me when I smoke outside.

    Maybe find a new spot to smoke at. Find somewhere where you can be totally comfortable and I would try to find a place where no one can sneak up on you. So seeing the entrances to the place you're at is important.
  5. i dont see how anyone can be paranoid unless there parents suck or there on probation. i would smoke with a trusted friend in a secluded and calm spot were no one can fuck with you and smoke a roll up. no paraphernalia means no being arrested. and besides a cop isnt going to stop you walking down the street unless your doing something illegal. so chill and enjoy the ride
  6. smoking can be very very enjoyable as we all know... but like others said unless you
    are in a comfortable environment where you can enjoy your buzz than the buzz is a waste.

    For Example I smoked for years before/during work but one day it just made me uncomfortable so I stopped doing that. If i got a new job where I was comfortable doing it i would probably start smoking during work again - but why waste the buzz and make urself paranoid.

    so save the plants:D and smoke when you can enjoy it.

    hope this helps
  7. I smoke trees in my bathroom with the fart fan going on high keeps the house smelling nice and the kids dont know a thing =) blaze it up dont get scared you'll have more fun
  8. I really only smoke by myself. The only time i get skecth is if i smoke to much. I only smoke in my house and on the couch.

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