Is this normal?

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  1. I started one plant, my first and it died I did a second and its growing great but I was sick the first 5 days of growth so I don't know if all do what my third is doing and that is... the sprout came up but its curling around and its like in the shape of an 8. Its really firm and there are no leaves whats going on if it's not normal what could be causing this? Its being planted in a 250 ml beaker and I'm feeding it a rose plant food (it works great for the other) What am I doing HELP!
  2. but i can't :(

    let them grow and avoid feddings after germination... if the mix is good, they don'y need much more for a wile ;)

  3. Never fertilize young seedlings,,they can't use that fert yet,,also watch the what you can to stay clear of miracle grow ferts when it is time...or use it sparingly

    Rapid Gro,,or Shultz's is a better choice..

  4. But, it's not dead, now it's in the shape of a question mark. I will go to only water tho thanks for the advice
  5. Dont worry I took it all into consideration when planting. I added about an inch of craft beads on the bottom and several marbles (so I could easily see the water level. The only thing I was worried about is light getting to the roots and dammaging or something. Will that be a prob.?

  6. You really should think about using a container other than a beaker,,,as unoit said,,you need holes in the bottom,for drainage,,water left in the bottom of that beaker will have no air,,and stagnate..algae may acrue in beaker when exposed to light,,roots should remain in dark to remain healthy in soil..

    as woody said...if you must...use tomato fert...not rose fert.

  7. ok, the reason why I wanted to do the first coupple week in a beaker is because then I could monitor root growth in the plant and see if there was to much water drowning the roots(browning roots)
  8. I found out the problem, the root was growing up although I know at least one died I fliped the other over hoping for life but I don't know if this'll work.

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