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Is this normal????

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by brain_stew, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. this is problably the wrong place for this thread but i dont know where else to put it, and i want the answer based on you guys. so i dont drink coffee often and when i do, like right now, i become REALLY happy and i get like what i could compare to euphoria when i listen to music... can anyone relate?!?!?
  2. Never experienced euphoria from coffee. Though I get hyperactive when I drink too much ;)
  3. This is normal and a side effect of caffeine. You must have a very low tolerance.
  4. This is possible considering caffeine affects the pleasure receptors in the brain similar to the way cocaine does. In this way, euphoria is possible if a lot is consumed, but uncommon for most.
  5. You should seriously consider cocaine/crack.
  6. must be some good coffee lol
  7. Low tolerance to caffeine is all; i don't experience this
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    Coffee gets you high? Maybe if I took a t-break from caffeine I could feel those effects too.
  9. Haha.

  10. Technically, yes. Coffee does make you "high" in a sense. It's the caffeine, really.
  11. Pandora's Box would be the appropriate place to post this.

    If you do not use it often caffeine can cause feelings of euphoria. People who use it often just forgot how it felt at first.
  12. will do lol
  13. I heard that columbian coffee is so popular cuz they add a touch of cocaine... :wave:

  14. lmao.
  15. are you serious?! damn.... need to get some of that haha

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