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  1. ok my plant is in preflower for about 3 weeks and on the lower nodes where the branch comes out of the main stem above the fan leaf there sould be a little bud sack coming out from under that right. Well on my plant there is leaf coming out not bud and there is no male pollen sacks.
    this is kind of what it looks like the L stands for leaf and the B stands fou little bud sack.

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  2. it is end of spring hence the general outdoor.
    so yes it would be 12/12
  3. outdoor grows always take longer to show their sex. All you have is another potential stem and cola growing out.
  4. it has hairs it is in preflower so it is part female
  5. what is a preflower?

    on my plants;
    i put them onto the flowering table and i can tell if its a male/female in about 8 days under my 12/12. a few early flowering calyx's form a few nodes down from the apical meristem. these i would call first flowers. but as soon as i see that female/ goes fast into full flowering. the 'hairs' on that first flower die very soon after. but i still wouldnt call this a pre flower, i would call it an early flower. the plant is flowering and if i wait a few days i will see many a hair popping out.
    this calyx is very useful into the future also. i dump the male asap and dont waste the space. the female calyx's are very fat and juicy cuz they are the first ones out of the gate. these are what i pick off before i harvest to look at with the lenz and smoke.

    i wonder if what u are talking about are stipules?
  6. preflower is first sing of flowers.
    but I just found out that it is a new cola female hairs on it sweet. It is all fem.
  7. man im fuckin stoned and all this makes no sense lol and high to al i havent been on in a l;ong time

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