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  1. I'm starting week 8 of flowering. The top cola's leaves are browning on the tips. I noted it earlier this week. I included pics from today. Today it looks like all the leaves are getting yellow tips. Is this normal? Should I do something different? How they look for going into week 8?

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  2. Classic nutrient burn symptoms. Have you tested your solution? Soil or hydro?
  3. Soil but I haven't added any nutrients for 2 weeks bc I thought I was going into flush. I was counting since I switch to 12/12.
  4. I recommend doing a soil slurry test. Take 100ml of soil and mix it with 100ml of ro water and leave it for 24 hours then use a coffee filter to strain it. Then ph/ppm test...

    It's very odd to have such symptoms while you're flushing. Have you been letting 20% of the water run off when you water? Testing regularly? At the end of the day, those are looking ready to be harvested, but you want to get those fertilisers out the plant otherwise it'll taste icky, a slurry test will give you a better idea of what to do.
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  5. Thank you!
  6. You're welcome :) Good luck!
  7. Look ready too flush anyway bro
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  8. i think you need worry about the nutrient problem because the plant looks like its time to flush ,buds look nice and tight ,,,hows the color of the trichomes on the buds ,,use this chart here to see when to harvest ,,mac, when-to-harvest-cannabis-diagram (1).jpg
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  9. Time to harvest yeah but if it's tested and the ppm is too high then there's the option of water curing.

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