Is this normal??

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  1. IMG_7371.JPG IMG_7370.JPG First time grower. Everything is looking fine but notice this on stems when I checked my girls. Is this normal ? Seems stems are growing kinda odd... I did do a little pruning to keep bottoms clean.. could this be the issue?
  2. Looks like side branches slowly forming definitely not preflowers or anything to worry about. They look healthy got a full pic of it?

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  3. Okay cool cool thx for the reply.
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  4. Not sure what u think is wrong... once they get more mature the nodes start to stagger like that, instead of coming in pairs

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  5. That's what I thought he was talking about at first but I think he means how the stem is curving/twisting slightly?
  6. Don't worry about any of that OP.

    But what you should worry about is the height of the plant in back. When do you plan on flowering?

    What lights? How many watts? Dimensions of grow space?
  7. Top the girls at the back... What are u referring too? The branches starting to get out of sync and alternate? Thats a sign of maturity and is very good for stacking buds!
  8. No he means just how tall the plants in the back are period.. after the stretch those things are going to be very tall so if OP continues growing them upwards like that to long he won't be able to give them the light they need

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  9. oh ok, they are not overly bushy just top a good 6 inches off, cut them back a lot.
  10. or lst them down so those side braches are the same height as the tops.. scrog even?
  11. i dont think thats what hes talking about at all in those pics tbh, GFMPO?
  12. I wasn't talking about what the OP Said and I just realized I may of read that first comment you posted wrong. I thought you were asking pistils what he meant by topping the plants in the back haha

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  13. Yeah I misread it like that too, but then understood what he was saying lol. You were right tho ;)
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  14. well we got there eventually :p
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  15. There's so much confusion. Save us OP.
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  16. Cool man thx. For the comment first grow so I wasn't really sure what to think.
  17. By this Thursday just waiting on the carbon filter.
    Gunna be using a 400w hps in a 4x4x6 grow space. I'm prob just gunna do 3 n 3 but let me know what you think.
  18. Yeah that's what I plan on doing. Using the scrog technique.
  19. if ur flowering in a week u could start scrogging now, u will have plenty of space, u could even leave ur plants another few weeks and try to encourage a lot more tops to really fill ur net out.
  20. Yeah sorry fellas. It's my first grow.
    But yes I was talking about what Thelukester was mentioning about how the stems start to stager like that instead of coming in pairs.
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