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  1. I been smoking for about a year and a half, everyday around 3-4 times a day (more if I'm with friends especially if we match I would smoke around 7-10 times a day) but I recently been cutting back from smoking a lot because i got a job and I been working a lot lately and I moved so I don't have friends really and tbh I haven't even felt like smoking a lot so I been only smoking about 1 or 2 times per day now

    The thing is with me, when I was smoking a lot I could focus and do shit while I was high and be normal but now I feel diffrent Idk how to explain it I feel like no one likes me when I'm high, like I feel like everyone hates me because I recently been smoking with this girl and met some of her friends and shit and I just felt like they dident like me when i got high but when I was sober it was fine. Like now when I smoke it's totally different because I been smoking for myself for so long and I have been depressed and so I usually stay to myself and when I'm high I just don't act like me when I did before I moved. ever since I moved it's been weird idk how to explain it. I feel like even the people I smoke with are normal after we smoke and I'm the one who is weird maybe I'm just over reacting but has anyone felt like this?

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  2. I feel as this issue is caused by the people you are smoking with. I have smoked with people that give me anxiety & this could easily happen. I think you are just overthinking things. Some people are assholes when they are high, but I doubt this is you. Always remember that being stoned can easily cause over-analyzation of the most simplest things and thus, cause this feeling. Just tell yourself next time that you are being irrational & everything is fine.
  3. I've never felt like that.

    But I'm not human, so...There's that too.:coolalt:
  4. Yeah, I've felt a rush of anxiety when smoking with folks. It's a nasty feeling that has the power to annihilate the pleasant atmosphere. Try smoking alone, and I would recommend you watch a good movie, vids on youtube, or just chill and relax. Sometimes weed without company can offer you the best experience because there's no feeling of judgment floating around in the room.
  5. Maybe it's not in your best interest to chill with those people
  6. It's all about the vibes bro find good vibes and stick with them kinda like a gut instinct

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