is this normal ?

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  1. I started germinating last Thursday night on the 13th & i planted them yesterday . This is what it looks like today and just wanted to know if it looks normal ? The seed around it has dropped already and its poking out of the dirt already .


  2. not sure what im looking at. you have two sprouts going? what type of medium is that?

    somethings growing. make sure the soil is moist but not wet. i was reading a lot of literature on google books about how waterlogged soil slows growth, makes plants droop and in extreme cases causes nutrient lockout and vegetative necrosis.
  3. yes your growing medium look kinda weird but it might just be the cam. Those are two normal looking, recently germinated sprouts. the round leaves are seed leaves or cotyledon. They look a bit wet but they should be good. keep a close eye on em and don't be tempted to touch, unless you really need too.
  4. it's just one . the seeds that fell off of it are to the right of it . i'm not sure what kind of medium it is , my boyfriend is the one who bought it for me . i was researching fox farm soil cause they sell it at a store nearby , so once i transplant it would it be okay to put it in that or would it kill my plant ?

  5. i just asked him and he said its coconut fiber . is that good ?

  6. yes fine :) you have two or three?
  7. i have planted 6 separately .

  8. nice. i really like how you planted on top of the mix looks like it lets the leaves start working faster

    i think i may just tuck my next beans into my medium as well next time

    hopefully you can grow coco without having to use chemicals like a hydro grow. this guys on here has a coco setup and he claims he has to use hydro solution all the time. i believe him, yours looks a little.. different though haha. maybe they mixed molasses or something in for you im not sure

    plants were never meant to grow in just water, so we make a chemicals to keep the ppm constant. and they are so unstable they always fluctuate (unless you mastered the science) its mad. it does grow airy bud though ive heard, i prob never got dro off the street
  9. eah i just put them like an inch deep. im thinking about getting fox farm soil when i transplant it. we just used the coconut fiber to start the seedlings.

  10. Sometimes when you water the seed - the flow of water can move the medium around alot and disturb it. try using a quality atomiser spray until the plant gets a little bigger.

    Coco is great stuff - i think your camera is just too good, thats why i thought the medium looked weird - its showing me coco like iv never seen it before lol.

    Some mediums have strong fertilizer pre mixed in - in which case I just mix in a little bit of perlite, vermiculite and/or natural coco coir - and then thoroughly water to medium and allow it to drain - before I pot on - to dilute the ferts .

    Then you can slowly introduce your fertilizers.

    Hope this helps

  11. lol i think it is my camera but thanks for this tips. i didnt think they would sprout but 2 days of being planted & i get this:



    one of the leaves broke though , would that kill my plant ? :O


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  12. looking good. stop watering so much
  13. thanks . i dont water it much but my flash makes it looked like its soaked .

  14. youre gonna need to transplant into soil pretty soon if you wish to avoid serious deficiency problems, once that seedling uses up its stored energy, its not gonna get the nutrients it needs from the coco. coco needs to be watered and fertilized quite accurately, in pure form its not very recommendable for absolute beginners.
    its best if you mix up a well organically fertilized and aerated soil (or buy a good one and add some perlite) to transplant your seedling into as soon as possible. as long as its small and its got small roots, you may be able to transplant without damaging it at all. you gotta be really careful though.
  15. thank you, im going go a local store Thursday where they sell hydroponic systems and such, i hear they have good products and im thinking about using fox farm soil. i'll ask what they recommend me for growing indoors.

  16. is that right? i actually wanted to buy organic miracle gro expand n gro, which is mainly coco. if i put compost into it, the microbes in the compost wont populate the coco and break it down into nutrients for the plant like they do with soil and wood chips?

  17. I hear miracle grow has some bitchy slow-release fertilizers and some other unhealthy stuff is it besides its fuckin monsanto... dont have any personal experience with it though
    ff ocean forest seems to be a good one from everything Ive heard, dunno if its got (sufficient amounts of) perlite in it, you may want to add some. good aeration can accelerate growth quite a bit. it may be a little too strongly fertilized for the seedling... Id improvise by mixing a handful of coco into the soil as a buffer just where Id plant the seedling :rolleyes:

  18. i would really like to try the expand and gro (organic version)

    will coco hold nutrients like soil?

    i didnt know its monsanto. why does everyone hate them? they claim to be sustainable agriculture (but you cant believe everything you see)

  19. never heard of it

    no, that is why its not as beginner-friendly

    yeah... just the wikipedia entry is fascinating enough xD
  20. "rBGH (recombinant bovine growth hormone)

    Main article: Bovine somatotropin

    Monsanto developed and sold recombinant bovine somatotropin (also known as rBST and rBGH), a synthetic hormone that increases milk production by 11-16% when injected into cows.[88][89] In October 2008, Monsanto sold this business, in full, to Eli Lilly for a price of $300 million plus additional consideration.[90]

    The use of rBST has been controversial, as described on the Bovine somatotropin page.

    In some markets, milk from cows that are not treated with rBST is sold with labels indicating it is rBST-free; this milk has proved popular with consumers.[91] In reaction to this, in early 2008 a pro-rBST advocacy group called "American Farmers for the Advancement and Conservation of Technology" (AFACT),[92] made up of dairies and originally affiliated with Monsanto, formed and began lobbying to ban such labels. AFACT stated that "absence" labels can be misleading and imply that milk from cows treated with rBST is inferior.[91] The organization was dissolved in 2011 but its website is still accessible.[93]


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