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  1. First time growing a plant so bear with me here please.
    my plant are approximately 2 weeks into flowering, i dont have exact days but close to 2-3 weeks from the switch.

    Theres small buds forming at this point, but is it normal for them to be frosty already? like there not full grown trichomes but there forming, i thought they didnt show up until 4th or 5th week? I have looked through a few journals and none of them have had clear enough pictures at this stage in development to be able to tell...

    Do they just kinda develop along the whole way or is this out of the ordinary?
    Even the small leaves sticking out of the bud are crystally, but the biggest buds are maybe .3 dry at this point :(
  2. Hey man, sounds like the plants genetics are kicking in and it is doing exactly what it is supossed to do! Congrats on your first plant +rep.

  3. good im excited!! :) they can start fattening up any time now!! I see crystals growing but no big time bud yet making me antsy and excited!
  4. I know how you feel, Being a outdoor grower the show is about to begin! Im just waiting for the fun to start and im starting to get ansy. But patients is key!

  5. yes i have my harvest date and im not getting any greedy fingers till its been dried and cured properly :)
    So excited!
    What strain you growing?
    Im rocking barneys farm lsd under 140 watts of cfls :)
    I plan on trying outdoors next year it seems the best
  6. Well right now Im growing:

    The Church
    Burmese Kush
    Red Cherry Berry
    Pinapple Express
    Big bomb
    Freeze Cheeze 89
    Himalayan Gold
    NYC Diesel (Male)

    I think thats it! Lols

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