is this normal?

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  1. Last year like november i had no tv and no phone, i wouldn't go out much. I just had an ipod full of my favorite jam.. at that time i was all about philosophy, spirituality, and expanding my mind.. then boom i went into this hole of depression negative thoughts and shit like that... then i got a tv a phone and some internet in my house... i was back to myself except i left everything of that spiritual stuff behind...

    Now im back meditating, following zen habits.. and i get negative thoughts again.. am i going too fast or trying too hard? I need help
  2. i struggle with this every day- is it better to really know your thoughts, or to push the unpleasant ones away with a series of distractions?

    honestly it depends. if you've got someone you can speak to about your innermost thoughts, especially the upsetting stuff, then you should explore your mind as much as you can. personally, as a "major depressive," i avoid these thoughts as i currently have no place to air them. as a general rule it is important to let yourself feel things instead of repressing them, but right now i cannot deal with any more negative shit, you know?

    i think you need to take time and figure out what is in your head. find someone to speak with when shit gets rough. knowing your self is the best way to being a more open, honest, complete person, and you will feel at peace.
  3. Post the negative shit on grasscity and hope the trolls stay under their bridges.
  4. no...
  5. just most philosophies, struggling with ones thoughts is a normal thing...

    in the one i follow for example, we are told to cast down all thoughts that exalt themselves against CHRIST(i.e. love) and bring them into obedience, making them subject, instead of the other way around...

    like when JESUS went out to the wilderness to fast for forty days and stuff and the devil came to HIM with did that happen? prolly in HIS mind...thoughts in HIS head of serving HIMself or exalting HIS own glory...HE had to make those subject to HIM and not HIMself subject to them...

    no matter the philosophy, just the fact that you noticed it about you and are concerned is a sign of growth...that should be encouraging and not discouraging...
  6. It's hurdles you must overcome.

    Younger, I had many bad thoughts and vibrations.

    Know yourself to be better than that.
  7. Negative self talk is just an illusion your mind is casting..think of it like that and it will stop.

    Also, use moderation in ALL things...and it'll be OK :smoke:
  8. It is normal to have obstacles in your way, yes. These obstacles may come in a variety of forms, but every single obstacle can be overcome, no matter how big and ugly it may seem.

    An aspect of Zen is awareness. Awareness of your thoughts, your feelings, your actions. Be aware of what you're thinking, what you're feeling, what you're doing. We are all changing and awareness is the centerstone towards positive change.

    The mind is like a magnet, attracting and repelling, and you'll notice that the nature of its attractions and repulsions are determined by those thoughts which we habitually encourage within ourselves. When we think any thought, our mind shapes itself into a form according to the nature of the thought. The more the thought is repeated, whether consciously or unconsciously, the more easily the mind falls into that form, for it is easier to vibrate along a route already taken than a new one. Therefore if we are not aware enough, the law of the path of least resistance will get the better of us, without fail.

    On the other hand, if we put forth conscious effort, for a while, towards fostering only wanted thoughts and keeping the unwanted thoughts from affecting us, it will become a natural habit of the mind and effort will turn into effortlessness.

    Depending on the nature of the thought it will be best to either accept it and fight it head on, or to accept it and focus your mind intently on its polar opposite. In both cases it's important to accept it while wanting to change it.

    No matter how far you've travelled, endeavor to be strong and aware in the face of all challenges. Don't run, don't evade, don't be afraid and especially don't give in, except for when you choose to give in. Surrender yourself only to the light of your awareness and let it guide you through the hurdles
  9. Al these comments mean alot to me, thanks! I just finished meditating after a good workout, i feel great...

  10. Use moderation in all things? How so?
  11. im a bit the same, when i try to be spiritually active i seem to lose all purpose in living and become depressed. i lose all motivation to do anything in life as it all seems so petty.
  12. It kind of sounds like you got a bit cut off from the community. It's tempting to say a TV is a bad thing, but I suppose if you use it right, it's not. A phone connects you to others, which is a good thing even if you end up connected to a lot of drama. What concerns me is when you say "I wouldn't go out much." It makes it seem like you were wasting away somewhere... and if that's true, then no wonder you began to suffer.

    It's a crazy world sometimes, but I really think that it's worse if you are isolated from it. I'm fairly sure we would not have survived as a species long enough to become as intelligent as we are if we had the impulse to isolate ourselves from each other individually. In the beginning, isolation as groups might have helped us, but it's hard to imagine how in AD 2012.
  13. Who says you have to be normal :cool::smoke:
  14. you sound bi-polar
  15. esp. related to your concerns about media vs. other parts of your a little of everything..

    ....Life is meant to be enjoyed, but when you overdo usually becomes a problem in some way.

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