Is this normal yellowing for 2.5wks into 12/12

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  1. Is this normal yellowing for 2.5 weeks into 12/12 lighting schedule?

    I think I may have a K(potassium) deficiency.

    Soil is MG w/ moisture control, steer manure compost and sphagnum moss. Nutes are Alaska Morbloom organic fish emulsion 0-10-10.

    Lights 1000W MH

    Water 6.5pH irrigation

    Strain is XXXskunk

    replanted 4 days ago at 45* angle and tied to ceiling.



    Closeup of a yellowing leaf


    And one of the baby buds for your time


    Any help is great.
  2. id say n/dif as the ferts ur using are 0-10-10 id switch to one with at least some nitrogen
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    You want them to turn yellow just before Harvest. the last two weeks just water to flush nutrients. you need nitrogen containing bloom booster. high in phosphate. mine is
    9- 59- 8 Ferti-lome blooming and rooting. my plant is flowering right now as well Mine is almost two weeks into flowering right now already got little buds forming on the tops. I vegged her for about 75 days total 24/7 uptil 2 weeks before flowering 18/6 so she showed her sex overnight as soon as 12/12 her brothers not quite as quick. We'll say a prayer for them since they are no longer with us. Your plants look nice.

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