is this normal? yellow leaf pic

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  1. my plant is a little over 3 weeks growing it in fox farm ocean forest and have grow big, tiger bloom, and big bloom....some of the bottom leaves are turning yellow....should i start adding a small amount of grow big or should i wait until after week 4?
  2. here's the pic

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  3. Looks like a nitrogen deficiency to me. Usually that hits the lower older leaves. Generally means nutes in your next watering are in order.
  4. ok...thanks...should i just use a little fox farm grow big?
  5. Have you already been feeding it nutes? If it's only three weeks old, and you're already feeding it, there's a possibility it's nute burn. I am no expert, but that would be my concern.
  6. no i haven't fed it anything yet
  7. check your ph, but it mostly looks like a N def..
    some grow big should do the trick

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